Struggles with Conflict

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The inner struggle, always a raging battle. What are your issues? join the discussion over at Living, Learning and Letting Go!

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Among the most important of the tools I use in my psychotherapy practice are self-care contracts.  They were developed over the years by several generations of therapists, starting with Jacqui Schiff (1971).  The therapists use them both in their personal lives and with their clients.  The contracts are:

  • I will not hurt myself or others nor provoke/allow others to harm me. I will stay safe and honor the safety of others
  • I will not run away. I will stay and work through my problems.
  • I will not be sneaky or lie. I will be honest with myself and others.
  • I will not make myself sick or go crazy. I will stay sane and healthy.
  • I will not be passive. I will be proactive.
  • I am responsible for my feelings, thoughts, actions and attitudes.

The self-care contracts are not about becoming perfect.  No one could keep them at all times no…

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Into the Sacrificial Fire

Wisdom has no place in the
dreams of a weathered heart
where philosophy’s reason
is vanquished by gentle eyes;
crafted from the remnants
of what used to be,
my prison of memories
fights on to stay alive. Continue reading

Maya.  Photo via Batool Zalkha

Last Seen: 26/9/2012, 8:28 am (Guest Post: Levantine)

Maya.  Photo via Batool Zalkha
Maya Naser, a journalist in Syria that lost his life 26/9/2012. Photo via Batool Zalkha

Today I am honored to bring you a guest post from the courageous Batool Zalkha, also known as Levantine.  She runs the blog Levant Woman, a sincerely touching site written in the midst of war torn Syria.
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