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My Man Card Has Been Officially Terminated

I did it.  I joined Twitter.  I know, I know, “welcome to the 21st century Mr. Poole.” Thank you very much. But you can understand my initial hesitation.  I first heard of Twitter when a friend signed up and sent out the automated invites.  I signed on, saw what was up and quickly started trying to figure out how to delete it.  I mean, status updates?  I was putting in a lot of work making sure that no one ever knew where I was.  And now you want me to announce it to the world?  You’ve got to be kidding me?

I then spent the next 5 years calling anyone with Twitter stupid.  I mean, I can understand why The Stars would have it. But you and me – the little guys?  Who wants to listen to the constant giber-jabber going through our heads?  I can’t even stand my own giber-jabber, so why would I want to hear yours?  (But then I started this blog and my whole moral high ground began to wither and break away)

So I went on living my life in a happily Twitter free world.  But then slowly it became a national phenomenon.  Why?  CNN and ESPN started regularly sharing their twitter feeds on trending topics. (Right lingo? – still not sure.) As time went on I started to feel more and more on the outside – not even knowing what the point of a hashtag was, it started getting to me.  Kind of like that time I just had to experience getting drunk once to know what it was all about.  So, two days ago I logged in and set up my, THE SEEKER’S DUNGEON account, and started exploring.

It was almost instantaneous; my understanding of what was great about Twitter.  Of course: the stars were there.  Suddenly all of the celebrities that we’d deified over the years and I were interacting on common ground.  And sure they might have 250 gazillion followers to my 4 but the chance was there that they might read my reply amongst the 40,000 replies to their twits, er twitters… tweets? Whatever – They might see me.  Cool.

So what did I do?  I immediately sent out my first tweet to Mr. Ryan Murphy of Glee creation fame, and sent him the link to my Dungeon Music page, in case he needs any of my songs for Season Six.

If you’re looking for some new songs you can use anything in the dungeon: Love


There’s been no reply yet, but… He could totally be like, “I need The Hearts of Men coming out of Lea Michele, now” and “Amber Riley would rock Dear God.

What?  Do you think I’m dreaming?  Well I kinda think that’s what this twitter thing is all about; pretending that you and Dianna Argon really do run in the same circles.  Hey, I left some comments on her blog – we’re tight like that.

Not really sure how long I’ll be there but for now I’m just hanging out.  What about you?  Are you a twitter fan or is it just a little too corny?

Have I lost all claims to self-respect after writing an article detailing the facts that someone whose whole blog is about dealing with the shit within is actually a huge Gleek?  Hey, Glee is totally cutting edge.  The whole of season 2 changed the way non LGBTer’s look at the LGBT community.  You have to respect that.  Unless of course you spent your whole life trying to shine the light of love and awareness on the community and then you were totally pissed when Kurt called Bi-sexuals confused gays.  But other than that… yes I love the liberal media.


Written for Writing 101: Stream of Consciousness

featured photo by Sreejit Poole

Photo Credit: Sreejit Poole

Yesterday’s Renewal

but not ready
to dispose of the
obligation towards regret
that we cling. Awoken, but
not ready, as thoughts make a
refreshed body weary,
standing not determined but
lullabying the in-between
state, where darkness
bleeds the light. Forgiving
ourselves not, nor others,
for yesterday’s madness,
we carelessly slip into
of a caged tomorrow,
for we’ve awoken
but are not ready
for freedom.


Talkin’ ‘Bout Practice

Actually, like Allen Iverson, I hate practice.  But when it comes to putting on dramas you just have to suck it up and put in the work.  So, Chai, Rishi and I were working on some new songs for December and I thought I’d share a rough cut with you, along with some photo’s from previous years shenanigans, put together in a fantastic, new youtube video – because I just wasn’t ready to go to sleep yet.  So, here you go:


Sreejit Poole:

A cool prompt entry from Mehak over at SplitSpeak, check it out

Originally posted on SplitSpeak:

She knew these few breaths would be her last. Unable to speak, she observed all those around her, desolate faced and silent, few swollen and red eyes. They were giving her drops of holy water which she accepted simply because she had no means to protest. Protest….that’s what she was once famous for. Any little injustice and she would rally up a storm, make enough noise and nag the violator into submission most times. Other times, she couldn’t fight the system and it ate her insides. So, holy water why…didn’t they believe her tongue was sweet enough to see her through to the other side? Maybe not, she did have a pretty foul mouth when she lost her temper, which was frequent of late.

They worried where she would be going, but she had no doubts in her mind. She was going to a place she went to often.  Each time…

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Dungeon Prompts – Season 3, Week 6: Driven

This week’s prompt is: Driven  (running from September 4 – September 10)

“There are two types of people in this world- those who pull out of bed each morning at the thought of breakfast and those who are driven by ambition. The former succeed in satisfying hunger pangs and the latter accomplish their life goals.”

– Roopleen Continue reading

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10 things that I would totally lie right to your face about so don’t even ask me.

1.  The, “where have you been,” question.

I’m a private person by nature – aside from a neurotic obsession with sharing my own short comings with a worldwide audience – so, if you don’t know where I was, then I am most likely not interested in sharing that information with you.  Don’t worry, I will make up the most outrageous story possible to entertain you while letting you down to the fact that I will not be filling you in. Continue reading

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Dungeon Prompts Contributors Badge

badge 2

I noticed that a few very cool bloggers were advertising Dungeon Prompts in their side bars so I thought that I would make an official badge of honor for contributors to use if they so desired.  Of course, there is no pressure to put it up, it is just a way to get the word out and increase the fold of those joining our weekly discussions. Continue reading


Dungeon Prompts – Season 3, Week 4: Police Brutality

This week’s prompt is: Police Brutality  (running from August 21 – August 27)

In many countries where guns are not legal the police also don’t carry guns themselves – only the military does.  In America, because guns are so widespread, we couldn’t even conceptualize an unarmed police force.  But now, with the full militarization of the police, do you think that it has gone too far?  Do you feel scared when you see the cop strapping a gun while waiting for coffee in line next to you at the Starbucks?  What is your relationship with the police and how do you think your race has colored that?  Has race colored your perception of police brutality? Continue reading


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