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Dungeon Prompts – Season 3, Week 1: Concepts of God – What are yours?

This week’s prompt is:  Concepts of God  (running from July 31 – August 6)

“The yearning to know what cannot be known, to comprehend the incomprehensible, to touch and taste the unapproachable, arises from the image of God in the nature of man. Deep calleth unto deep, and though polluted and landlocked by the mighty disaster theologians call the Fall, the soul senses its origin and longs to return to its source.”

- A.W. Tozer Continue reading

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Share Your Story

Do you have a story to tell?  Would you like your voice to be a part of The Seeker’s Dungeon?  If you would like to submit an article for consideration please send it to, with Guest Post in the subject heading.  Submissions should be from 800 – 2000 words, and fitting with the themes of the site.

Please include a 50 word biography and picture to be included with the post.

For examples of great guest posts check out earlier stories here.

Accepting well edited articles only.


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As She Watched

As she watched him, she knew what he was thinking.  The kids called out harsh names like retard, and stupid, while the adults used more dignified terms such as simpleton and challenged, but there was nothing slow about her.  If anything the rest of the world slowed down before her heightened awareness.  She took the world in through a silent filter and everything stood in its logical place.  Nothing ever surprised her. Continue reading


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