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Dungeon Prompts on Hiatus

As I will be traveling for the next couple of months, I won’t be able to keep up with Dungeon Prompts so I am going to give it a break for awhile.  Thank you to those of you that support and look forward to the prompts.   Continue reading

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What are you looking for in the Dungeon?

I’m feeling kind of directionless with this blog so I thought I’d put up a poll to find out what you’re looking for when you come here!

Please feel free to explain further in the comment section

* Note to self, # of likes minus # of votes equals the total # of spam likers, or L-V=S

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Knowledge, Propaganda and the Spreading of Ideas

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Everywhere we look is propaganda.  From the shameless Fox News, to the close to my heart Glee, everyone is selling an idea – whether “good,” “bad,” or “ugly” – on how to walk this life. Continue reading


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