Saying Goodbye For Awhile

It’s been twenty years since I moved into the ashram and I still don’t take the time to meditate regularly.  I’ve been running from spiritual practice rather than towards it.  That being the case, I’m taking the next year (at least) off of all social media, to refocus my efforts towards the inward journey.  I have deleted my Twitter, my Facebook and my email.  For now, I will leave this blog alone to inhabit it’s own corner of the internet until I return.  Feel free to do the old prompts, or enjoy reading the poetry.  Thanks so much for all of the good times we’ve shared together.

See you in awhile


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Three Simple Words

Time was running out. He needed her to commit. He needed her to understand, that the games were over.  He had told so many lies, but he needed her to believe in him now. Continue reading


Dungeon Prompts – Season 3, Week 9: Settling for Less

This week’s prompt is: Settling for Less

Continue reading

Visionless Expression

It wasn’t so much that nothing was right with her life as it was that she knew she walked it without meaning.  She used to call it, “carefree.”  Now, she knew that this name was too easy. Now, she knew that she was free from anyone who cared.  Now, she knew that no one even noticed she was there.  She was depressed and it was enough if she just put one foot in front of the other.  That’s what her therapist said anyways; trying to keep her alive another day. Continue reading

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Change is the Only Constant

I cook meals for the Western Canteen in Amritapuri, India.  On the western side of things we have a Café that serves to-order items like pizza, veggie burgers, sandwiches, salads, cakes, coffee, etc., and right across from that is a canteen line where everyone just takes the meals prepared for that day.  Those canteen meals are what I cook. Continue reading

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Is This Freedom

Feet are situated
relaxed and raised
as images of fear
float across the screen -
the mind absorbed
in nothing in particular
enjoys the luxury
of simply being able to dream.
Those tainted by desperation
couldn’t imagine
the carelessness which
governs our movements
– the freedoms that we
forsake daily –
as we trade our time
for mental entombments.
But, as we go on
drowning in the pleasure
that we refer to as
our day to day grind,
let the dying,
the hungry,
the war torn
be remembered,
so that conscious clear,
we can continue
pissing away
our lives.

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Welcome to My Blogiversary

anniversary-1xIt’s been two years of sharing whatever popped into my head.  How did that happen? Informed of my blogiversary, I headed on over to my stat page to see what I could make of the experience. Continue reading

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Dungeon Prompts – Season 3, Week 8: Ode to a Hero

This week’s prompt is: Ode to a Hero (running from September 18 – September 24)

“Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed. It is all part of the fairy tale.”

― Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn Continue reading

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Redefining My Identity

We all have a special way that we see ourselves.  Defined by our perceptions we become the heroes or villains of our own story.  And then there is the way that others see us.  Their stories are completely different from ours and their perceptions of us are often with less hero-glorification.  No matter what the case is, if we are not accustomed to intense self-examination, our view of ourselves may be far from the truth.  Here is one such instance, when the view I was carrying of my place in this world, and others’ views of who I was, came head to head and forever altered the reality that I was living in. Continue reading

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Moving in the Flow

I freely admit that I was slow to get on the hip-hop-cultural-phenomenon train.  Though I was living right in the middle of a rap-is-taking-over-the-world community, I was going through my heavy metal phase.  I had no problem passing all the brothers with my long hair and death metal t-shirts on, and everyone had to respect an original so I never got picked on for it. Not that death metal t-shirts were original but in my neighborhood it wasn’t the thing. Continue reading


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