When Suppression is the Only Way

Either heaven
or hell
or 6 feet under
the answer soon
will be upon us all
and whether we
laugh, dance and sing
or just stop being
subject to the grace of God
or just bacteria
or something yet not imagined
and far superior
there are certain questions
we must ask ourselves
along the way
so that we will at least know we tried.

It’s said
that you have to choose
you can’t have it both ways
for God or for man
will you spend your days?
For yourself
or for others
your ego
or your brothers
your wife
or your lovers
with one foot in each world
nothing is obtained.
Self-knowledge –
what is it worth?
Do you see it as
or cast it away
as a curse?
When your passions
aren’t always
in line with your passion
and if you can’t have it all
then what do you choose?
Might as well go for broke one way or the other.
The only way to have no regrets is to give it your all.
that’s my philosophy
what’s yours?
When there’s
no sure thing
what if you’re wrong?

They say don’t suppress
is that some kind of joke?
If it were really that easy
would I be carrying this yoke?
is a natural
exchange over time
of your vice
for your love
assuming the love is divine.
is for the here and the now
to take care of business
our business takes care of us
we regret what we’ve done
a little damn fun
a little piece of joy
in the dark, cold world
or so we tell ourselves
before we can’t take it back.
The world
made me do it
don’t blame me for that

Hell or heaven bound
or a simple decomposition.
Will it change your mind?
Your life’s defined mission?
Would you be good without fear?
Simply for Good’s sake?
Or does it not mean much
without a Judger’s good grace?
Moving closer to death
with each breath we take
and confident or not
this sheathe is breaking.
The passing
will collect us all
in time.
So better to take stock
of what’s important
so that at least we can say
we’re not ashamed.

And love
is the greatest
Goddess of all.
A mother
can never
turn us away.
And whether
heaven or hell bound
a place in the ground
Brahmin to merge in
or some other
diversion –
love is a common bond –
of the divine
and the human
of the vice
and the philosophy –
and whether humane
or insane
we can try to
at least let love
be our guide
in this plane.


  1. The greatest of all commands is Love. From there go forward one day at a time, always trying your best. Passion to me is a negative that dwells in self. It is easy and most often has a great deal of self grtification, but then so does helping others. It is all in the choices we make and what or whom we believe in. Nice work!


  2. Wow.For specifics on this wow, it’s this:

    “There’s lust behind some doors
    greed behind others
    and many wedged shut
    with fear
    to save the last vestiges
    of self-respect”

    This wow’s me, and I love it so much for it.

    Thanks, Sreejit!



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