Compromised – Anything For You

photo credit: Sreejit Poole
photo credit: Sreejit Poole

Before she got married her mom told her that
Relationships were built on love, patience and compromise

Surprise was all hers when she discovered
These virtues would be shining from only her beams

Seems her husband’s father had given different advices:
You are the provider; it’s all in your hands

Stands now a marriage of misunderstanding
Morning silence while coffee steeps in the pot

Caught as Jessica Sanchez told us,
“Trying to smell the scent of plastic roses”

Moses wouldn’t have the patience, she thought
While the husband is yearning for recognition

Fiction had originally brought them together
And now branded by wisdom that wasn’t quite whole

Roles are more demanding than just playing the part
In a world complicated by movies and books

Looks are now firmly smothered in meaning
As the road to paradise starts in the eyes

Ties of their lives counseled by Hollywood stars
Magazine covers displaying success

Express they may want, but their feelings well hidden
For the love of the other, their own Selves they’ve oppressed


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