Love Needs No Confirmation

photo credit: Srividya Sheshadri
photo credit: Srividya Sheshadri

All illusions held dear
were washed away
as the curtains were raised
on my lonely nest.
Together we move
in an uncertain sway
restless for knowledge
that we once possessed.
Trying to drown out
the memories of home
by screaming along
and holding on to the sound –
lost in a beat
that gives
direction to our angst
for a freedom unmoved
by the ignorance we are bound.
So the mind blooms in
books shadowing clarity
but life’s experiences
have my senses blown.
Having lost all my screws
I’m trying to put them back
but once opened
the holes
can never be sown. –
like the mind
of that sweet witness
trying to save me
unaware of the inescapable
that guides my crawl
as she tries to
force on me
her perception of reality
but the voice I hear
is drowning out her call.
Light needs not
a shadows confirmation
so save the restless weeping
for my soul.
I am lost in
my beloved’s exhalation
for Love
is the beauty and truth
which I behold.


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