Allowing For No Emotional Contact

photo credit: Sreejit Poole
photo credit: Sreejit Poole

Freedom is just another
word we really don’t
understand. The Lord may seek
to set us free from the bonds
in which we depend, but we
use that freedom to push those
bonds back into every hand.
The bonds of selfishness and
greed, the relentless need to
succeed – no matter the costs,
no matter the loss of the
‘other’s’ hopes and dreams.

What kind of social contract
allows for no emotional
contact? As a matter a fact,
to keep my peace of mind intact,
can you explain why poverty
is never addressed, when it’s
not just the middle class in
distress? And there’s a constant
stream of bitterness towards
the forgotten and depressed
who want just a chance to prove
their worth but the cracks they’ve
fallen through absorbs.

The social contract is an
artifact of time, neutralized
by greed, and abuse of power,
bringing back the state of nature
it was saving us from, as
our nature can never hide
under the laws in which they
abide but will always find
a way to be. Freedom
without morality is
freedom of the strong to do
what they want.

It’s not that you’re not qualified
but somehow you were left
behind and who will give a
helping hand when taboo you’ve
become to society,
not worth the fee – don’t have the
hours, you got a job but
they have no hours. They don’t
want to fire you but
came to the job and see that
you were only given 2 days
work next week. And it’s not that
you’re lazy, and it’s not that they’re
mean, there’s just too many people
and too little work.

So what to do? Am I the
jerk? For feeling that poverty
is not just the problem of
the poor – what do you mean you
don’t want tent city outside
your door? What would you do if
the situation arrived
and suddenly your nine to
five was no more? Out the door
with your wife and your kids and
no one to help and you can’t
even set up your tent because
it’s bad for business. I
understand bad for business,
but you’re closed, not exposed
but the poor have a certain
smell that we don’t want around.

Free enterprise does not mean
“at the expense of others’
lives.” It’s not an excuse for
a pack of lies that brings about
our brothers’ demise – that uplifts
some and leaves the gutter for
the rest. This is not a test
to see who’s the best. It’s real
life and if we leave our sister
by the way side it’s our own
future that is jeopardized.
We bring about our own demise
through selfishness, tearing down
the fabric of brotherhood,
if I’m not from your hood am
I not worthy to have a
helping hand when time’s a mess?

I’ve lived in a car. I know
the drill. Watching out for cops
and moving constantly. Trying
to stay well-groomed to keep your
job and that’s two or three jobs
just to pay the gas. Freezing
in the nights, the radio’s
your best friend and you’re telling
me the government’s not
even supposed to care? How
dare you! For what other reason
are they even there
than to protect their citizens
when no one else will? Don’t
tell me they just protect
your property. When you’re
living on the streets, whose
child are thee?


  1. Beautifully expressed and the spirit of that man in the photo shines, probably more than those who would use or reject him.


  2. Amazing insight and feeling…..watched a documentary on the clothing industry in Bangladesh last night….this is a totally accurate description. … be conscious, be aware and act when and how you are able


  3. Well said.There’s a quote (I’m not sure who said it): “The measure of a civilization is how it treats it’s weakest members”. Your post brings this to mind. I work in a poverty law clinic and we have a hard time fundraising because we aren’t a very ‘sympathetic’ cause. People really don’t understand the impact of poverty on society as a whole. I ‘m at a loss as to how to share the impact. Your words here are a good start though. I think I’ll post this to our facebook page.


  4. You are wise.
    You are correct.
    What you say is true. Don’t doubt it.
    There is no such thing as justice. Or injustice. By believing in those two we grant these concepts legitimacy.
    To be autonom we have to stop relating and the change without preferences.
    No one can stop you from that.


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