Worthy of Something Special

photo credit: Sreejit Poole
photo credit: Sreejit Poole

Her style was
though her beauty
as she deflected
the hunger in
the beasts of men
in a way that left them
but knowing that they
were the reason for
their own agitation.
Her mother had taught her
that men were
a different species altogether,
ruled in all endeavors
by a pulsating lust
to be the one.
The one to rule your days
and nights,
the one you’ll fall over
just to delight,
the one worthy of
that extra something special,
whether or not seen
this mysterious potential,
to take everything around them
and destroy it
and build it back up again
into an image of themselves.
So she walked weary
until that day when
she met
the one
that she was willing
and grateful
to give her heart to
forgetting that everyone
to him
was that fool,
and she let him abuse her
in every way,
until she woke up
from her delirious state
to realize that she didn’t
even remember
who she was anymore.
Showing him the door
he moved on to be
the one
to so many more
and she moved back
to her loneliness.


  1. Moving ………. we often lose ourselves in relationships , i’d like to imagine that at the end she moved back to wholesome companionship with herself , because she is brave enough to come out of the relation/abuse . Beautifully written poem.


  2. hello, seeker… as your poem says, it is quite difficult to move out of an abusive relationship. a woman builds a world around the person and is hurt terribly and repeatedly in return…quite a situation to be in and not many easily finds the way to liberation or emancipation, so to speak. it is a long and hard road, only a few manages the courage that your poem speaks of, the inner brave that will fight for life and a place, in this lonely world.

    thank you for your poem. have a good week. 🙂


  3. Does loneliness have to be the ending? Could she not have felt a loneliness in her soul because of the abuse? When you are free from the shackles of any abuse, you may feel a certain emptiness for a bit but once you begin to heal, you fill up-fully formed and full of life.


  4. I’m curious about the psychopathy of those who abuse and those who, for lack of a better term, “let”/allow abuse. These particular lines stood out to me: forgetting that everyone
    “to him
    was that fool,
    and she let him abuse her
    in every way”
    Though many know the perils of what they step into, they step into them anyway. Why is that?
    I wonder especially about the abuser and the susceptibility to abuse. What lack is so strong, so defining, that the behavior always results in the same?
    Great food for thought in this “Worthy of Something Special”. To live and be reminded that we are indeed worthy of something special should be sufficient to avoid these patterns, but we know for some, they are not.


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