Built On a Culture of Forbearance

Lady Justice
Lady Justice (Photo credit: Scott*)

Translating the debate along
blood lines in a life filled with
only matters of factions,
we revert to clan mentality
and klan personality, me
judging you by your judgments
of my reactions. A culture
of forbearance breeding
measured responses, as
education is the weight
that we carry, but history’s
burden causes the mind to
shut down, with a polished
justice we grow weary.
Victory rests in the hands
of the weakest in virtue
as weeds will always overtake
the flowers; the beautiful
will never prevail on their
own without a gardener
to insure their power. But,
with cops still doing the
slowdown drive by, instilling
hate in innocent hearts with
their stares, trust is never
established downtown, and faith
in society grows rare.


    1. Well, you can fight for love but that is creating a zero sum game theory wherein you can only move the pieces around like elements in a petri dish but you have the same sum (no growth, just re-positioning). Or maybe someday we all start allowing love and that gives us a more infinite game theory situation where exponential growth is permitted. I know it was a rhetorical question lol but it had many relative truths.


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