Dreams and the Continual Creation of our Reality

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Prince  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My first hero was Michael Jackson.  I kept so much grease in my hair in the 3rd grade that it affected everything I did.  I had developed the habit of running my hands through my shining locks every time I stood up, and because of this, my writing assignments at school would always be covered in little grease stains.  I had The Jackets and The Pants, and even the trade mark look over the shoulder to see what’s going on.  But then, out of nowhere, at 10 years years of age, my mom took me to a Prince concert.  That was it.  It was all over.

I traded in my dance moves (very limited as they were) for a guitar, and becoming a serious musician, that could make the ladies scream, became the first and foremost ambition of that 10 year old boy.  In the 5th grade, Prince was the closest thing that we had to a god.  The awe inspiring metaphysics of Purple Rain, the before his time ambiguous sexuality of imbibing the male and female into one personality,  the power to be loved and respected by both men and women for the same thing – hard as nails sensitivity – were surely all some tricks of maya.

Being able to draw the masses from funk, to rock, to rap, to pop, to dance, and at the same time legitimize the crossover, before it was cool to crossover, were all only side aspects of his whole circus persona.  But of course, changing his name to a symbol and not really explaining it until he had gotten out from under his old label, and then telling that he couldn’t have used his old name until he had the rights to it back, was simply brilliant.  Who else could have done that?  There was, and still is, no one like him.  For me though, Prince will always be Purple Rain.  And the ten year old inside of me will always be that guitar god.

Of course as I grew up, I matured.  I took on more serious dreams like, Duran Duran, Public Enemy, Metallica, and Alice in Chains, until at 15 I finally met Amma, and it all became clear.  Since then music, poetry, writing, even cooking, has all become ways to express my love for God and Guru, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

What did you want to be when you were 10?


  1. When I was 10 years old I was racing motocross and wanted to be like Roger De Coster, a world champion motocross racer from Belgium. The big problem I had was that he raced for Team Suzuki and I was racing a Yamaha. That changed by the time I was 13!

    I watched him whenever I could, traveling with my parents to races across California to watch this Belgian race.

    In the age of astronauts going to the moon, the only flying I wanted was big air on my bike.


  2. What a sweet article! And…I was riding the first skateboard that came out. I wanted to be a dancer on TV that got to where all the different costumes, or a doctor. Since talking to Jesus and other spirits in my backyard, remembering other lifetimes, etc. my path has always been spiritual, especially when Jesus told me what I was here to do at age nine. But healing work and dancing still held my interest.


  3. I was in my first year of college when Purple Rain came out. I remember walking to the center of town with a friend to see it.

    When I was 10, I was taken to a Chinese restaurant, where I used chopsticks for the first time. This was to celebrate my successful school year. This was when I first decided I wanted to visit other countries. After I saw Purple Rain, I allowed the 10-year-old self to come out and play. I ended up staying in Paris, France for 12 years after I graduated from college.


  4. This is great, thanks for the inspirational post. It brought back lots of memories for me (I loved Prince and MJ!) and I really enjoyed it. When I was ten I wanted to dance, dance, dance. I wasn’t a Prince fan until I was 12 but it was a huge crash, ha! Thanks again for the nice post.

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  5. Ah, I loved Prince, too! What a fun post. At 10, or even 9, I remember sitting in my fourth grade class scribbling, “I want to be a novelist.” all over a sheet of notebook paper. It feels like I’ve always known that I was meant to write. 🙂


  6. since the age of 5… i wanted to be a lawyer. until the age of 35, when i “retired” from the profession of law, understanding that 5 year olds don’t have the mental capacity to choose careers. i should have been normal and wanted to be a unicorn or something. 🙂


  7. I don’t recall what I wanted to be aged 10, but I do remember hearing Motown a lot. And on family holidays it was the Carpenters on Dad’s 8-track in the car. And Satie at home.
    Motown stuck big time.
    I also remember Jackson 5 cartoons, which I loved. To me those were the best years, ‘I want you back’, ‘ABC’, MJ was absolutely incredible. Probably the last stuff I liked was Triumph.
    I was in a restaurant with friends last night and all evening there were old 70’s and 80’s soul and dance tracks. The waiter and I had a game and I knew maybe 80% of the artists and tracks by name.
    One of tbe later ones to play was Prince – I wanna be your lover, which was probably one of the first of his I bought. He was a musical genius. Is.
    Good post prompting much reminiscence.


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