The Saddest Thing

dveikus nigunim, usually without words, expres...
dveikus nigunim, usually without words, express individual Jewish meditation, soul searching and inward ecstacy in prayer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The saddest thing is
to walk this world mired
in the my-ness of
creed, nationality,
and class, arguing
with our brothers because
their sincerity
matches not our own,
demeaning our sisters
for their gifts that we
exploit and take for
granted, forgetting
our fathers as soon
as their purse dries up,
and abusing the
kindness of our mothers
who can’t help but bleed
out their love, finding
fault in those who don’t
notice our own indispensable
contribution, gossiping
as if it were a
serious task, not
realizing that
each individual
is just as much at
the center of their
universe as we
are of our own, seeing
only that which can
be manipulated
in nature, and also
seeing the beauty
in every blade of
grass, mastering the
arts, filling ourselves
up with knowledge,
putting man on a
pedestal of
untouchable reverence,
thanking God for giving
food, family and shelter,
giving freely to
charities without
thought of personal
gain, praising until
we have no voice left
and still never
looking within and
seriously trying
to understand what
exactly is the
purpose of our lives;
never asking ourselves,
“who am I?”

For Poet’s United


  1. Standing firm and asking self “Who Am I”? is so confronting. Sometimes the answer is elusive or unknown. And sometimes the answer is enlightening. But it’s always good to take the time to ask. It could be life changing.


  2. YES, YES, YES! I definitely think you have written of quite a collection of the saddest things. I found myself nodding in agreement as I read. And the ending…so sad when a person never learns to know himself & perhaps never even asks the question.


  3. Yes, there is so much truth here. We let so many things define us…external things…and never seek the real truth of who we are…maybe out of fear? I truly enjoyed this.


  4. “not
    realizing that
    each individual
    is just as much at
    the center of their
    universe as we
    are of our own”

    LOVED that!

    Definitely the saddest things, but all fixable things, as well. One heart at a time, and the more people join the idea, the louder that heart will be.


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