Dungeon Prompts: Chaos

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This week’s prompt is: Chaos

When we go through unforeseen, traumatic events, we can learn a lot about ourselves.  Were we the calm in the eye of the storm or did we freak out over every little thing going on around us.  Did we rise and lead others out of the fire, or were we a frozen witness to the events.

Suggested Prompts:

*Describe a situation where the control of events were out of your hands and how you responded to it

*Write a poem, story, or share a photo that depicts chaos

*An inspired offering that somehow relates to your search for answers into how you respond to unforeseen events

Dungeon prompts are meant to open up the abandoned rooms inside ourselves and dust them off a bit.  Explore the recesses of your mind and get back with a poem, story, essay or creative offering.  Link your post to this specific prompt page and I’ll share your link back with our readers.

To participate, all you’ll need to do is:

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3.            Dive deep within and give us a glimpse of your soul!


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