The Syllables You Caress

photo credit: Sreejit Poole
photo credit: Sreejit Poole

Upon my psyche you
did easily impress
a notion of contentment
through syllables pressed
against the surface of my
You shrugged off
my uncertainty
as if it were part of
the plan, aware that
my longing for you
would continue to grow
even as my sensibilities
I’d admonish for
surrendering not – always
stick in hand – as at the
sight of you sorrow is
always close, for
moments come few for us.
Though I tell myself I’m
not alone in fear, clearly
you are not equally
weathered. Your words, the
seeds that would make
everything clear, though
they never destined
to bring us together,
you just wanted to haunt
my existence with the
longing for your whispers
caressing my ears.

For Poet’s United


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