Singing You a Love Song

photo credit: Brian Harvey
photo credit: Brian Harvey

Taking my hand with a
mischievous grin you look
over the edge and ask,
“Ready?” The void sings you
a love song but I don’t
hear it. You deliver
sweetly the words, “trust me,”
seeing as you do the
goose bumps that betray the
hesitation I’m masking.
Loosely interpreting
commitment as endurance,
I keep my chin up, I’ve
done my part, but you want
more. Not enough to walk
the tight rope; jump means all
in – no parachute – you
don’t even want to see
a diver’s stance. Tempted
by a vision of power
in transition – answering
the call of a worthy
master – I shake my head
in agreement, but clever
the desperation that
demands a life line,
denying even the
satisfaction of intent.

For the Queen Creative’s For The Promptless– S. 3, E. 2 – L’APPEL DU VIDE


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