The Glory of Man

photo from Wikipedia Commons
photo from Wikipedia Commons

The world made history to
know the story of truth, but
we can’t find truth in the
story of man – ruthless
endeavors marked truth by the
hand – the glory of man is
found in the blood of the land.
Though we were made flesh by an
unknown power, and cowered
together to escape the
cold – can’t see the light but
fighting to talk about it,
while finding only peace of
mind in the billfold – we are
content to merely stare at
truth in pieces – the whole
chopped up in order to more
easily digest, but
completely misunderstood
when looked at through these
lenses, as pride in vision our
intellect infests. The
senses are corrupting all
that was given – forbidden
is nothing but wisdom is
hidden. If to find it is
the mission, rewind first the
vision, make whole first the
pieces, then universal
the thesis – interconnected
the truth to all that we see
– that’s firmly rooted in the
master plan, for truth to
awaken in the hearts of
man. True glory in the
divine story laid to rest
at the feet of the mind’s
holy vessel – knowledge in
want of a clean place to dwell,
but swollen is the mind in
an incestual hell.
Lacking the wisdom to
understand the heart,
inner truth is either
neglected or torn apart.
First the mind must be made
pure with a commitment to
the spirit, the temple is
within but we don’t
revere it –
we fear it.


  1. One of the many things that I like about your site ( besides the powerful, thought provoking writing) is its spiritual side. You welcome all of us into this realm with your words without the need to subscribe to one “true” way. I appreciate that.


  2. Yes, there are so many people today who are consumed by fear. I don’t know why, but I suspect it is because of our materialistic society and not giving back to the community.


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