As the Wolf Cries

Samurai 1890
Samurai 1890 (Photo credit: kamikasineo)

As you walked pass me your
eyes rolled softly away,
as if anyone would
deny that you were trying
to avoid eye contact
with me. Of course I
pretended as if I
didn’t notice, as if
I didn’t need just a
bit of tenderness to
make the nights shorter and
the days meaningful, but
the hair on my arms I
could not restrain from
standing at attention,
as if crying out for
confirmation of your
knowledge of my devotion,
of your yearning to meet
my eyes and publicly
tell the world that I am
yours and you are mine. But
you are content to rest
in your world, in your
peaceful meditation,
with your soulful smile and
your spiritual foundation,
dealing lovingly with
your world of problems that
you handle with
unparalleled imagination
and leave me here to
contemplate my life and
the sins for which I must
atone, you are content
to leave me here, the
lone wolf crying out

For Poets United


  1. It gives a feeling of some sadness of even a slight betrayal. Sometimes one gets that feeling that others don’t bother when things go astray! Nice thoughts Sreejit!



  2. Sreejit,

    A very emotional and depthful piece of writing.
    It is sad when an interaction is avoided or shunned. Life seems to be placing thoughts in a singular fashion instead, if one cannot change a mind..



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