Each morning that I awake the
day betrays the ignorance that
is longing to consume me;
a world where the search for

new ways to placate the
opportunity missed
to be all that I was born to
be, was not drowned out by both

the dreamer and the rationalist. Every
person has a dreamer within,
that keeps the world moving, and
we temper it with rationalism to

always keep, that which it
wanted, from consuming; afraid
to leave our soul in the hands of our need to
be independent and free. But I see you

and remember that yea,
though I walk through the valley of
the shadow of death, I will
fear no evil: for thou art

with me; the comfort with
which I get through each day;
we may not talk like we use to –
walk through the moments and I

may shed a tear – but all that will
be forgotten once your eyes rest
heavy upon me. For it is not that I
don’t want to be good, nor is it that I

forget my way, I just need
to give you an excuse to
keep your eyes focused towards me –
your movements fluid, your

head tilted slightly, as my gaze is
held in yours and my thoughts are lifted
high, to a world where both of us are
knowing that love alone will heal,

without which we are just
a vessel waiting for
doubt to come and infest all
that used to give us solace.

You taught me that to take and to give
are the yin and yang of humanity and that
unconditionally forsaken blessings don’t convey that one is
loved; we should also express in words this divine gift from above.


For Thursday Poetry Prompt #17: Messages, to write a poem where the first word of each line also forms a message. This form was created by Kurt Frazier, to check out his original click here.

Also written for Dungeon Prompts – Week 2: Faith, Tolerance and Mutual Appreciation

And Poets United


  1. What an incredible poem….. or I should say incredible two poems/messages! I love the structure of the prompt and you did an awesome job of it.


  2. Really clever and artistically satisfying. I didn’t focus on the emboldened words, just read the ‘main’ poem, then returned to the ‘message’ when I read your explanation of the prompt. Kudos for attempting and executing this so well. I’m super impressed!


  3. Beautiful…so lucid and free….so open and vulnerable. Great poets are made of such stuff. Love the passion you are sharing. All of your poems are precious gifts. Thank you. 🙂


  4. ‘knowing that love alone will heal,
    without which we are just
    a vessel waiting for
    doubt to come and infest all
    that used to give us solace.’


    well done, Sreejit..very touching and beautiful write


  5. Beautifully structured and crafted. I read it twice; first the words in bold, then as a whole – I felt compelled to do this, and I think it made the whole stronger. Stimulating and enjoyable.


  6. oh so very nice….i like the whole word acrostic you have going on….the structure of this wowed me…and then the content as well…really moving piece…i particularly like that last stanza…


  7. This was absolutely fantastic, Sreejit! I LOVED the poem throughout all of the lines. How creative. How did you do that?! So impressed. And the point behind it all is amazing. I fully agree. Every day is a chance to start afresh and be the person we want to be . . . And knowing you are unconditionally loved is so important.


  8. Your poem is so captivating, with every word embracing the deepness within. This is a real gem and I love the way you deliver the message clearly throughout ! Every one of your poems always gets better! Thanks for always sharing your inspirational gift!


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