Where Words Hold No Meaning

photo credit: Sreejit Poole
photo credit: Sreejit Poole

Lost in a beat
in which my soul can retreat,
where words hold no meaning
nor does time its power,
devoured is even
the knowledge of self,
forsaken the words of man
to the universal tongue,
as the fabric of societal norms
are undone.
Lost to even the
need to dream,
as the beat sings
its endless melodies,
as if staring at the ocean
though eyes are closed
– reposed and controlled,
it puts my soul at ease
– but it’s a fleeting peace.

Renewed for an endless
need to be thought of
as more than a man,
more than even a god
– loved and awed,
for even the scars and the flaws
– puffed up on my own hype,
as I swing drunk from my own vines,
ripe for the taking down,
not a stumble,
always a tragic fall,
always the clown in the end,
but waking is not
even a question
for the tyrannical reign of this vanity
will know no repression
– walled up,
safeties off,
ready for a fight,
day or night,
for supremacy of my pride
in a world where conceit
can’t conceptualize defeat
– enter at your own risk.

And then it happens,
the melody stops,
the ego falls,
all are put in submission,
lost to even a righteous call,
perspective returns
or is it put upside down,
as here yearns a life
that burns just for moments spent
in the rapture that
vanity could never bring,
that beats could never swing
– an eternity of suffering
is lost in that moment,
atonement for the time
spent wasted on “I” and “mine,”
nickel and dime life
reunited with universal loss,
in that moment I wait
each day of this life for,
that moment when the paths
of our eyes do cross.



  1. This truly is beautiful!! I like each section, but my favorite is the last one. I especially like the words:

    ” in that moment I wait
    each day of this life for,
    that moment when the paths
    of our eyes do cross. ”

    A fine poem all around!!


  2. that moment when the paths
    of our eyes do cross

    This is one of the most beautiful and powerful ways love is felt (if it happens to be love).


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