How Beauty Destroyed the Beast

photo via Wikimedia Commons
photo via Wikimedia Commons

He was
always heavy handed
with the temps.
Didn’t really need them
they just made sense.
In the way
that a whip on a horse does the talking.
It’s more for
the motivational spirit he was stalking.
“Move it
Move it
I want to see you prove you need this job.”
Didn’t want them thinking
it was gonna be easy.
Pressure was his calling card
keep a brother queasy.
Wouldn’t even tell them
it was break time.
It was
up to them
to figure it out.
He knew
they were illegal anyway.
Wasn’t nobody
going to ruin his shift production.
He was
the best damn manager they had seen.
The numbers
spoke for themselves.
Wasn’t no one
gonna give him hell.
with those few
that didn’t complain
he would always look
to keep on permanently.
That willingness
to forget themselves
turned up the approval rating
on his personal radar.
His administration
was a complex web of chaos
working against chaos.
Everyone knew
that he was in charge
that’s how he kept his ship tight.
If everyone
was constantly struggling
to regain perspective
he would stay in control.
They needed him.
He was
the fearless leader.
There was
only one way to live
he always taught.
was a death training.
He wanted them
ready to die.
Of course
they complained
behind his back
that death would be better
that’s how they saw it.
Not going to pay shit
and then
going to yell all the time…
but jobs were hard to come by
so everyone knew
it was bite it
or move on.
day of reckoning
didn’t come until
she entered his life.
Calm and mellow –
not pretentious about it.
at his condescension
and brought to the table
a new dimension
of longing
and desire
who cares about the work today
He thought
no one noticed
he slowly became the joke.
he wanted to laugh and sit
together with the common folk.
this miser
cared not just about the numbers.
he wanted everyone
to be his sisters and his brothers.
the people
that just yesterday
he had cared for the least,
it seemed that
this Beauty
had utterly destroyed
the Beast.


  1. Unfortunately I don’t think the megabanks, megacorps and private sector business will have the same epiphany and stop exploiting workers. Today it is no pension, no med ins, no paid vacation or sick leave, hours too few or too long – just above minimum wage – take it or leave it.


  2. Literally just read about this dynamic in humanity for the transpersonal school I am at… I may send some students your way to read this for the week. Thank you for the synchronicity tonight. :o)

    “What I idealize in others is an acknowledgment of my own beauty otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see it in the other individual. What I criticize in others is an acknowledgment of my own blessed beast otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see it in the other individual.” -Obstacles On the Path


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