Dungeon Prompts: Mortality and the Human Psyche


This week’s prompt is:  Mortality and the Human Psyche

“All things that we ordained festival,
Turn from their office to black funeral;
Our instruments to melancholy bells,
Our wedding cheer to a sad burial feast,
Our solemn hymns to sullen dirges change,
Our bridal flowers serve for a buried corse,
And all things change them to the contrary.”

– William Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet

It’s no secret that if we are born we must die but we don’t live with that inevitability in mind.  Rather, we tend to act and think as if we are going to live forever.  Whether we believe in an afterlife or not, the facts remain the same, we are all fragile creatures that could meet our end at any moment.  This knowledge doesn’t seem to make our love any stronger, our time any more precious, or our willingness to help others any more available.  Why is that?

Suggested Prompts:

*If you found out that you had only 5 minutes left to live, would you be at peace with your life, or would you worry over some unfinished business?  Would you be full of regrets or would you be able to accept that the end is just around the corner for us all?  Share your feelings on mortality.

*Write a short story, poem, or share a picture or song that represents mortality to you.

*Any inspired offering that somehow relates to mortality and the human psyche

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