Crying Out for Consciousness

photo credit: Vivek Subramoniam
photo credit: Vivek Subramoniam

Religion, bleeding through humanity,
is woven into every culture of
a people yearning to understand the
gift of life. It is like the shadows cast

from a vehement sun, as blurred is
the vision we are presented with; the
divine glory shamed and compromised so
that we may intellectualize what

was meant not for a worldly vision; meant
not for slaying our sisters’ pride and
meant not for driving a combatant’s need
to justify anger, greed, and lust, to

hold down that which we don’t know or trust. In
us dwells an unimagined glory, pulled
down by an intellect that’s grown weary
but continues to feed the senses, as

to our demons we run for solace, to
lift us into a restless fear – for in
us lies both the means and the method, if we’re
up for it. Injurious dreams contrived

by the endless power of our own thoughts,
attuning to a code of apathy as
our good intentions simply wait for our
minds to get out of the way; it is up

to us to discover that although
the misery in us fits like a glove
supreme knowledge of Self leads to a
consciousness that unites us in love.

An acrostic for Dungeon Prompts Week 8: Guilt


  1. WoW!! so beautifully articulated; love the style with the double message in the poem…that is something I tried but should give it a try more often. You nailed it so succinctly…guilt in all its glory and horror….love especially the message in bold…very powerful!! “..attuning our minds to the supreme consciousness.” Amen to that!


  2. Wow, Sreejit, this poem absolutely AWES me. Of the poems I have read by you, this is my #1. I love the vertical message on its own, but adding the words that fill each line I see this as a true masterpiece of a poem & a beautiful statement of belief!! If I might say it, this is the best poem I have read in a while! High prize for your message too.


  3. You have so much good thought in you…so many substantial words to share — oh, the things in you that have even yet to be written! “in us dwells an unimagined glory” — how beautiful that is! I once wrote a poem called Whimsical Glory where I used a phrase similar to that. Yours is very poetic, very beautiful. You’ve got so much to share. Say it loud. 😉


    1. Yes…it’s like a fire in you that has to get out! Make way for it! 🙂 Whimsical Glory…I will try to put it up soon. Be on the look out. 🙂


  4. This is wonderful. It is clever and inspiring. It reminds us of what we are doing to ourselves, and what really matters. A piece to remember. Thank you.


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