Photo by Artist Aleksandra Kerzhentceva.  Check her out at
Photo by Artist Aleksandra Kerzhentceva. Check her out at

For we are a mad blend
desperate for attention
creating a haven
that makes kings
out of laymen;
creating new worlds
inside the minds
of the seekers,
so as not to rest in
reality’s bleakness.

Though it’s true
that there’s
no fee on dignity,
we’re wrapped
around a system
of desperation.
Like a thief
pressed and redressed,
but still lurking,
I’m continually
subconscious for
the strings
to make you
a slave to my words.

Count them up
and understand
– stories of the
lost and weary
are festering in me
so I
jimmied the door open
with a
hit wonder showdown
and everything I see
flows out in
prose and
poems now.

11 thoughts on “The Blogger’s Way

  1. Ah…’tis the bloggers way
    to search for recognition
    sometimes choosing pathos
    to get obliged readers
    to comment and like…
    poems of desperation
    stories of rape and horror
    something or anything
    as long as it’s read
    and be made god for a day
    or that’s how it sounds here
    lovely your rhyming pattern.

    1. Perhaps just calling it like you see it (feel it). True for me many days! Although, some posts are simply because my thoughts are too much for me to hold. When that is the case, the less encouragement, the better. 🙂 Love your writing! My all time favorite is the mistress/ego. I go back to that one often with amazement and appreciaton. All the best to you!

  2. I particularly liked “makes kings out of laymen”. That’s one of the reasons I blog – stuff which would never have seen the light of day a few years ago can now garner a world-wide audience!

  3. I love the poem and I can relate. Back when I was writing my books about being with Amma, I would often experience an event as if it were a paragraph being written, i.e. the book was being written as it was being lived. Was a very magical experience.

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