Where Nothing Else Matters

Artwork by Aleksandra Kerzhentceva.  Check her out at http://www.kerzhentceva.com/
Artwork by Aleksandra Kerzhentceva. Check her out at http://www.kerzhentceva.com/

As I sit back and contemplate what brought us
together, the world of you and me becomes clear;
I wanted to escape a world of dreams
and you were ready to take me beyond my fears.
And though immersed am I within your drama,
the struggle between the willing and unwilling

proves fierce. For I am led by a mind unwilling
to bend to the possibility of a world where “us”
is more than just circumstance, more than just drama
more than a son protected by dharma. Clear
are the battles still raging inside and fears
are the weeds protecting my pride. Dreams

of an unshakable peace are the only dreams
that you have for me, as you are unwilling
to allow me to follow my fears
at the expense of a better tomorrow. Leading us
through a world in which your duty is clear
your life, your leela, divine is your drama,

far from chaos, sublime is your bhava. Drama
melts away like the dreams
of sleep, as you take me to a land where all is clear.
I can’t put into words the power of your touch as I’m unwilling
to let logic reflect upon us.
You are able to take a world of fears,

and through love make all the pain disappear. Fear
cannot touch our beloved drama
but it is not just me and it is not just us
and a world of hate and constant disgust, uses dreams
lust, and a pervasive distrust, unwilling
to live and let live, though still clear

is their conscience. The world holds no sway, you’re clear
and focused, your breath finds a way to relieve my fears.
As I stand in the rear I may seem unwilling
but I am merely waiting for the end of the drama
when we’ll be resting together in a world beyond dreams
where nothing else matters but us.

You made it clear; you are beyond the drama,
beyond the fears and beyond the karmas. Dreams
are not your reality, but the unwilling duality of us.

A Sestina for Dungeon Prompts Week 9: Seeking Refuge

and shared with Poet’s United


    1. Just been there. What an incredible talent. I was classically trained as an artist before becoming a graphic designer and, eventually, musician/composer so my opinion might be worth a little something.


  1. Dear Sreejit, would you consider contributing one of your wonderful creations to Project R: Relationship Interrupted? It would be incredible if you could. I love your work, and I think you would be able to offer an interesting insight into the question of relationships.
    Here is the link, just in case: http://shardsofsilence.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/project-r-i-think-best-when-i-think-with-others/
    I started it to help a friend who has just come out of a difficult relationship and is hurting. It’s the only way I could think of helping. Here is the story of what happened:
    There is such beauty in beginnings, and such hope.
    They met. They fell in love. Where did it go so wrong?
    One said: “I love you so, that worlds I’d turn for you,
    For no one loved so much, or had a heart so true.

    Want always at your side to fall asleep and wake.
    To have you always near, tell me, what would it take?”
    The other smiled and lingered over professed love.
    “I love you too, but near… too soon you ask to have

    My all. I’m young, my love, and want to keep my youth at play.
    I am not ready yet to cherish and obey
    Your love’s relentless call… Be patient and in time
    Perhaps my wishes too with yours will learn to chime.

    Time passed. Days. Months. A year gone.
    To wait so long and nothing? A heart to pieces torn,
    One said: “I miss you so, when you’re not at my side.
    You say you love me too. Then why forever hide?

    When I’m with you my world – entire – is complete.
    Come. Let us be together. Conditions all: I’ll meet.
    The other said again that time would make all well:
    “You burn too bright. On this I do not want to dwell.

    You ask too much, forever repeating this demand.
    Why not just let it be? Why always reprimand?
    Is my love not enough? Why ask forever more?
    Why always to the future you open up the door?”

    One sighed: “I will be patient. For you will always wait.
    When you are ready: come, but do not come too late.”
    A day went by, another. And still came no reply.
    One felt inside hope linger, refusing yet to die.

    At last the message came. The last: “I’m done. Goodbye.”
    A world broke into pieces. Another end. Why try?
    “I love you so that worlds I would’ve moved for you.
    You loved me not. It pains me to learn this to be true.”

    Days passed, and one day added another hurtful fall:
    “Until you love yourself, you’ll love no one at all.”
    There is such pain in endings. Long gone forever hope.
    They met. They fell in love. Where did it go so wrong?

    Please let me know whether you would be able to contribute a poem to the project.
    And thank you for your wonderful posts. It is always a pleasure reading them x


    1. Thank you and the pleasure is mine, Sreejit. Regarding a contribution, of course if you have a poem that relates to the question of relationships and you think it would work well in this context then by all means you can contribute that. Although if you would like to take some time and create something new for the project, that would me amazing.
      I am running the project until the end of October, so if you need some time to consider the theme and create, and send your contribution by the 25th of October then that would be absolutely wonderful.
      Thank you again and I look forward to reading it .
      Best wishes,


  2. Sreejit, your work continues to awe me! Again, I am not really sure I have the interpretation correct, but it sounds to me as if there is a conflict going on within the words of this poem….one wanting to face one’s fears and work toward something different & the other unwilling to test the peace (and perhaps maintain the status quo instead of possible growth). And I also followed the ideas of ‘drama’ and ‘dreams’ within the poem. But all in all, I also saw the love & the resolution to work it through! Your poem each week is always one I look forward to, Sreejit.


  3. A fantastic write and, to me, it reads like the age-old conflict at he heart of relationships, when one perhaps is willing to be all in and the other has fears that hold him or her back. All that is needed is the willingness to grow and explore together…..no small thing, as our fears may be huge, based on our prior experience………….I hear that willingness in this poem. A depthful write.


  4. As I was reading your poem I realized for the first time how alike the words drama, dharma and dream look on the page–different meanings, but in this wonderful relationship you describe they support each other. Nice.


  5. Sreejit, thanks so much for your visit to my blog and for liking one of my posts ”The peace of God”. I do hope you enjoyed your visit. Feel free to visit anytime, anyday. What a nice blog you have here too. I hope to pay be frequent here also. May the Lord richly bless you in the name of Jesus Christ.


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