Dungeon Prompts: Peace – Just a Word? What does it mean to you?


This week’s prompt is:  Peace – Just a Word?  What does it mean to you? 

Calvian and Hobbes by Bill Watterson
Calvian and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Mother Teresa

“Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.”

Albert Schweitzer

“How come we play war and not peace?  Too few role models.”

– Bill Watterson

We often talk about world peace, blogging for peace, or praying for peace, etc.  In the written history of the world all we have ever known is war.  So what makes us think that we could ever know peace?  Is peace something that is attainable on the worldly, political, socio-economic level or is it only a state of mind that can be personally attained?

Suggested Prompts:

*What does peace mean to you?  What are the steps that we as a nation, world, or individual need to take to achieve this goal?  Write an essay about it.

*Write a short story, poem, or share a picture or song that explains your beliefs about the concept of peace.

*Any inspired offering that somehow relates to peace and what it means to you.

Dungeon Prompts are meant to open up the abandoned rooms inside ourselves and dust them off a bit.  Explore the recesses of your mind and get back with a poem, story, essay or creative offering.  Link your post to this specific prompt page and I’ll share your link back with our readers.

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  1. I would very much like to take part, but will only be able to do so in November once Project R is completed. Meanwhile, I hope it is agreeable if I include a short contribution here as a comment:

    I am at peace when skies are filled with stars,
    When children sleep and wake without fear.
    If only we could love a little more,
    And let that feeling our actions steer.

    I am at peace when meadows are abloom,
    When young and old know not the name of hunger.
    If only we could give a little more,
    And never fall asleep in dread or anger.

    I am at peace when waters sparkle green,
    When men and women live without strife.
    If only we could dream a little more
    And learn to breathe the beauty of this life.

    1. It is a wonderful prompt, Sreejit. We take too little time to think of peace, and war it would seem we cannot escape, so thank you for offering the chance to dwell on the subject, even if only for a little time.

    1. We is the US alone together and together alone, Peace is the space and time of Harmony, responsible using our responding ability to the best of our capacity. I believe that Gandhi got it right with passive resistance. I hope that clarifies. (I enjoy your blog)

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