Lost in the Glare

Photo Credit:  Sreejit Poole
Photo Credit: Sreejit Poole

– my system,
your light
– and still
in want of
a mission
or at least
another round,
fleeing the chaos
in search of
the profound
but knowledge flees from nothing
so merely
victimizing the method
– in comfort I rest
in a losers mentality,
confounding even me,
what’s plain to see,
a recipe for
losing myself in illusions
comforted by confusion,
grasping at the solution
and then burning it
with intellectual blasphemies
– when simple
are the answers
but not the escape
from an egotistical fate
– wrapped in
a lover’s paradox
– falling in love
or rising in freedom,
happiness only comes
when self is forgotten
– or is it out smartened?
– cannot out fox
a game of shame
politicizing the mundane
to capture
a semblance of dignity,
as I get lost in me,
instead of freed in you,
but I keep your name
as time witnesses
the slow and steady
crawl towards freedom,
your smile remaining
the only thing that I
believe in.


For We Drink Inspiration – Poetry Prompt #001: First Impressions

Shared with Poets United


  1. some nice koans within this…happiness only in letting go of the self…for sure man…keeping the name on the lips as well…there is something deeply spiritual there…it takes discipline to get over ourselves…


  2. I like the idea that happiness only comes when self is forgotten. I think so. Happiness can happen best if people get outside of themselves & their own happenings. I like the last three lines of the final stanza too…”your smile remaining the only thing I still believe in.” Inspired work today, Sreejit.


  3. Oh how I love this – the photo is spectacular….and then the journey – LOVE the truth in “happiness only comes when self is forgotten”. Great write, my friend. LOVE “your smile remaining the only thing that I believe in.”


  4. Sreejit, I told my friend (who has traveled the world) about you and Amma, and guess what? When he was in India, he stayed at the huge ashram! Amma wasn’t there, but he still felt hugged.

    Giving oneself to the universe is the only way to truly be alive. There are many faith paths that embrace this – including my “style” of Christianity. This is simply beautiful. It made me feel alive. Thank you so much. Namaste, Amy


  5. So profound and beautiful. Yes, we need to keep our faith and carry on. Believe in the power of universe….I am so thankful for having come across your space…you write so well!!


  6. You have completely change the meaning of “loser’s mentality” for me so that the stripping down is most positive and even suggests disposing of mentality. And so, I say, hold onto those lips as long as necessary. Powerful expression. I would love to hear you read/perform it.


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