Resting in the Spirit of Your Love

Artwork by Aleksandra Kerzhentceva.  Check her out at
Artwork by Aleksandra Kerzhentceva. Check her out at

Your love is like
a cool breeze
washing over me;
one look
and all the internal
raging fires subside
– greed, lust and anger
have no chance
against your eyes,
which inspire waves
of gratitude
that I have you
in my life.

Funny how
just the smell
of your perfume
on another woman
makes me embrace
the struggle
to be a better man;
to walk the path
that God has laid
out in front of me
– your faith in me
is what gives me
the strength
to believe I can.

I won’t call it
it’s more like
the rejoicing
of mind, body and spirit
– can you hear it?
The angels sing
every time I stop
to think of thee.

If you smile,
I laugh
– any thought of being
is gone.
I become
a little boy
in your presence
– drunk in your essence,
the divine effervescence
– the world becomes
your blessed song.

You walk
in the scripture
and I can’t
paint the picture
of how
you destroyed
the world for me;
you brought
the joy to me
– you set
my desires free,
and now,
for your presence
I’ll always be.



  1. Absolutely beautiful Sreejit! You expressed the Truth so perfectly. Even after all these years it still amazes me what being in the presence of the Divine is like. We are truly blessed.


  2. Hi Sreejit, after reading the interview on Poets United, I have a good sense of the depth of this poem. I really like the rejoicing of body, mind, and spirit. If one experiences that, it is a beautiful ‘place’ in life to be!


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