Bleeding Words

Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

As I submerge
you beneath
the waves
of my flow
to spread
the wings
of my psychosis
into the fragments
of your understanding,
I can feel
the danger
start to grow
as you give in
to my commandments
– I steal pieces
of your soul
and leave you
wanting more,
convincing you
that you need me
because my words
you so adore
– but I am just
a simple man
led by his senses
to the shore
of an ocean
of likes and dislikes
– my friction becoming
your anxiety
my dreams transforming
your silver lining
– with a tendency to forge
blood blades
from gold
looking pretty
as I chip away your logic,
chronically abled
to turn reason microscopic;
whose glitter foretold
that my road of words
would tremble
in the face of
a truth beholden
only to a consciousness

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