Choosing to Lose

photo credit: Sreejit Poole
photo credit: Sreejit Poole


Choosing to lose that which binds us instead of
mindlessly getting lost in the quagmire

– empire of empirical rules, and latent blues
that grant unlasting happiness by circumstance,

which at a glance seems worth it
(to be one with a seething in lust)

but in disgust we imbibe our own demise
until we can’t but hold tight to all that binds,

the crimes in forsaking our birthright with
airtight alibis, stemming not the tears of wasted time

– turns the sublime cries of circumstance from
intellect’s neglect into a mindless rature.


For Verse First – Lost Art


  1. A hard choice, the hardest choice. Mindlessly bound to, mindless rapture seems a very long distance. Can we not bring the mind and its knowledge along for the ride? Must we choose total freedom?


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