Just Give Me Some Old School Already

Temptations Live!
Temptations Live! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Trials and tribulations,
always a foundation
rocked by temptation
or an excuse for
the mental exploitation
of suffering’s need
to bleed peace of mind.
Meditative states
are hard to find
when lost in the perpetual
anxiety of time.
But here is my secret,
maybe something similar to yours,
I turn on some old school
and open wide the doors
of a time when music
was made to enjoy the ride
– not rock the tide
of perpetual delusions
and mass confusion
over whether sexual slavery
is a societal norm
– holding down our sisters
to lift up our core systems
of belief in right and wrong
wherein only the headstrong survive
a self-made endless night
of confrontation,
man’s need to be the man.
I love a beat I can bob to
but at what point does
our dignity become irrelevant.
The crime fits the punishment
– the degradation of love
into lust and a system of distrust.
I know I’m old school
but give me something I can bump to
without having to ignore
the whys and the whos.



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