Suffering from Chronic Christmas Depression Syndrome

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Photo via Wikipedia

Am I the only one that suffers from Chronic Christmas Depression Syndrome? 

I’ve thought about it a lot and I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a chronic need to balance the emotions of others.  For instance, if you give me really perky people to deal with first thing in the morning then I turn into a sour and surly old man, but if you give me a tired looking, weary soul to talk to, then I become very chipper and delighted with the chance of torturing them.

This must be why on Christmas, when everyone is filled with love and counting their blessings, I can’t help but take offense.  Bring me chaos and I’ll give you calm, bring tears and I’ll give you laughs but bring me joy and I become lonely, waiting for the day to end so that I can wither back beneath the covers into my solitary peace, free from all of the smiles being liberally passed around.

Though to some the solution may seem clear –medication? –  don’t get out of bed? – more coffee? – I am taking another approach.  Now that I’ve gotten on the nerves of the people that I can physically talk to, I’ve decided to go into silence and only annoy all online; filtering into your emails and readers to grinchify your day.  You’re welcome!

Now you can offer your stories of sorrow and woe to uplift me.


  1. I would not say that I feel depressed on Christmas, but more so bored and annoyed. My family never celebrated and so without fond memories of my own for the holiday, I tend to just see all the cheesy commercial and consumerist aspects and feel disgusted. Actually one of the few times that I appreciated Christmas more was when I was in Kerala, as it seemed to me like people took it more seriously as a religious event and seemed more earnest about it there.
    I guess there can be some kind of satisfaction to be found in going against the tide of the mainstream.


  2. Hahahaha, you are not alone, my friend. For some reason forced social activities and gift-giving out of obligation (not directly from the heart) makes me want to react exactly as you describe. THANK YOU for this article :o) you may not have wanted to do so, but you made my Christmas bright. Haha much love ❤ ❤


  3. Well, don’t hate me but I love Christmas :). But I feel the same as you…sometimes when I see really happy people for some reason I get mad and then when I see someone in need I get so happy and alive that I want to help them. Thank you for this post…its been a while since I have visited your blog but I am glad I did 😀


  4. I am sort of a catalyst for others. Give me fun & it will be more fun. However, it seems inside I make holes in the happiness. The next peaceful moment I get, all the dark thoughts starts gushing inside my head. 😛


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