Photo by Artist Aleksandra Kerzhentceva.  Check her out at
Photo by Artist Aleksandra Kerzhentceva. Check her out at

Having destroyed
our planet
with heads held high
we march on
tempting fate’s resolve;
growth of a people
ended in
luxury’s needs,
the arbiter around
which we revolve.

Simple is the math
awaiting our
unwilling as we are
to return
to horse and buggy
the final ticks
of a clock whose
heart has died,
counts down the
remaining moments,
as we fade
into the night.

Restless is our spirit,
while fearlessness
is the virtue
we most revere,
and so we
roll the dice
worried not for
shame or cheer,
carrying on we do,
like mad men,
courageous in the fight
though a sub atomic
end is near
we are shameless
in our plight.

The evolution
of a people
ended in luxury’s
need to grow,
as the kinship
of ego and soul
proved to be
greatest foe.


    1. You’re so welcome…I am sending it to my other blog…it is an important message. Why can’t the world see it? Even if we say, who cares, I’ll be dead…yeah, well, what about karma…coming back to suffer…ugh.


  1. What a WONDERFUL poem. My passion lies in this. Our family was poisoned from living on an undeclared superfund site. The disrespect we have treated our children and coming generation is horrendous. I believe advancement is within an individual, not in the reflection of how many trees we can cut down and how many products we can make from them. Your poem touched the passion of my heart, as well as the pain that I see. What is wrong with living with some of the olde ways? Ways that love and respect the world? Love?

    Your poem is perfect, and perfectly spoken and perfectly said. It is true. What is wrong with the old ways? So many of them didn’t require slaves. As an Herbalist, I have had a higher success rate treating ear infections with a few gentle herbs then with the vast storehouses of expensive, unhealthy medicines at the hospital. I often treat secondary ear infections from hospital treatment, then improve the child’s health through diet to PREVENT more ear infections and to prevent the need for ear tubes. WITH PLANTS. WITH LOVE. With working with the life bearing qualities of our human bodies.With relationship with what is around us. When we degrade the world around ourselves, we degrade our own basis for life, and living systems.

    To me, the GREATEST luxury are healthy people, healthy little beings. What end have we made for ourselves with our own pollution?

    LOVE your poem, we are connected.


  2. The arbiter as “luxery’s needs” is rightly harsh, especially paired with all your images and last lines:
    “as the kinship
    of ego and soul
    proved to be
    greatest foe.” It is ego which sets up luxery, and that is a debilitating partner for the soul. Earth might be the better arbiter, or as your title points out, children best of all.


  3. I can’t agree with you more.We have certainly plundered our planet with reckless bravado. But things always come a full circle The worst excesses of the Industrial Revolution have made themselves felt in the form of all pervading pollution. We’re slowly realizing the benefits of the simpler lifestyle of yore, I hope we manage to integrate knowledge with simplicity and evolve to become cleverer beings. Great poem.


  4. This is a strong poem to share right after the holiday season when so many focused on acquiring more and more luxuries. Sometimes humankind doesn’t think just what ramifications this has for the future when our children begin to follow our example!


  5. Very prophetic and much wisdom here. T’is true that acquisitions have become more important – to many of us – than the fellowship of our fellow humans. We are agents of our own destruction – and the clock is ticking…
    That said I hope you have an excellent New Year!
    Anna :o]


  6. Brilliant and a must read for all. It has so many clear cut messages about our lives today. We need to snap out of such a destructive and exhaustive way of living and nurture ourselves in a sustainable manner, both physically and mentally.


  7. Sometimes, I think it is worse than nothing that we leave behind for our children – they will inherit debts, a world ruined and environment polluted. They would have to work so hard to clean up, repay and rebuild. Tragic is their heritage ;(


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