Wrapped in the Old Ways

Photo via Omku
Photo via Omku

Wrapped in the old ways
though you flow among us
liberal and cynical ones,
questioning all
as we are ready to
philosophically repudiate
the certainty of our own beings,
we watch your
steady movements in amazement,
as in silence you find
the peace that we search for
in entertainment.
You flow among us
with that childlike innocence,
that awesomeness of possibility
– the magic of a deathless life
has not escaped your world.
Though fading is tradition
into a cloud of jaded certainty,
as we seek constant amusement
to dull the pain of separation
from our inner actuality,
drowned out in a reality
made stronger by the acceptance
that nothing is greater
than progress,
it is clear
that in losing ourselves
we gain only the constant need
to fill a barren heart
with impermanence.
And you?
You carry on content,
wrapped as you are
in an ancient mysticism,
flowing among
a cynical world,


  1. the cynicism of youth

    I was not so cynical in early decades but now at 64 I am quite cynical esp government and social trends and pessimistic as well over continuing warfare and environmental destruction.


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