For we are a mad blend

We often walk this world with the “I came to win” attitude.  It is up to us to decide what we are trying to win and at what price.   Like all animals, we as humans come with a survival instinct, but unlike animals we have the capacity to dream up and create worlds from our thoughts.  Our ability of innovation combined with our survival instinct, has created a species seemingly intent on its own destruction.  We seem to rival only disease in our capacity to adapt to current circumstances in figuring out new ways of exploiting our own weaknesses.

Photo by Artist Aleksandra Kerzhentceva.  Check her out at
Photo by Artist Aleksandra Kerzhentceva. Check her out at

We have wars over religion, money, land and tribe and then blame God for the evil that we choose to do.  We are creatures of contradiction able to harness the greatest compassion and the deepest hate.  Civilization has come with a price.

Greed seems to be the biggest motivating factor in today’s world; a world where the powerful few control the fates of the many.  In his book, The Price of Civilization, Economist Jeffrey Sachs describes his theory of corporatocracy, where “powerful corporate interest groups dominate the policy agenda.”  When policy is run by the machine of industrial needs then can we doubt the absence of humanity in decision making?

At what point did love, compassion, equality and freedom for all become a radical idea?

From the Tea Party to the 99% it is clear that big money on one side and radicals on the other often seem to find their way into any successful grassroots organization.  The only way to go from grassroots to mainstream consciousness is to have a podium (or literally a soap box to stand on) and a voice.  Money creates the arena while radicals often take over the voice.  The Tea Party has the Koch brothers so were able to finance their way into the political arena where the radicals were not ready to govern.  The 99%, left with only the voice of the people, faded off into the night.

So what is left for common sense in a world where facts have given way to charisma?  No politician in the modern world could win on facts alone.  The last election cycle was full of half-truths, or even less than half, coming from all sides.  With the internet it seems that facts can be whatever we want them to be anyways.  So that leaves a populace that is always out of the loop.

When did the idea of our Earth as our Mother turn into a hippy ideal?

The earth sustains us.  Without this planet being the perfect distance from the sun, we would not have come into existence.  This is not about faith.  Whether you feel that God gave us this perfect world, or that we evolved because of it, the answer remains the same.  The earth sustains us, and we seek only to exploit it.  How long can this go on?

With more than 17,000 nuclear war heads at the ready, down from a one time high of 70,000 (Federation of American Scientists) we have the ability to destroy our world simply by pushing the right buttons.  But even if we keep control of our war mongering, we still faithfully head down the track of suicide through the suffocation of our environment through the pollution of industry.  We have many means at our disposal for the prize of self-destruction.

Is it too late?

Roy Scranton wrote that, “The biggest problem climate change poses isn’t how the Department of Defense should plan for resource wars, or how we should put up sea walls to protect Alphabet City, or when we should evacuate Hoboken. It won’t be addressed by buying a Prius, signing a treaty, or turning off the air-conditioning. The biggest problem we face is a philosophical one: understanding that this civilization is already dead.”– NY Times

But death to the foundations of our civilization could be the answer to whether or not we are dead as a species. Can we turn back the hands of time by returning to the old ways; the ways of doing things before mass industry and technology took over our lives?  Could we even return to such a state of living?  Perhaps it is left for us to decide.  Inaction, however, leads down only one possible road.

Which road will you choose?

We often walk this world with the “I came to win” attitude.  It is up to us to decide what we are trying to win and at what price.   Is it necessary for another to fall for us to rise? If it’s the earth that pays the price then it could be our own species that will not survive.

Written For Dungeon Prompts:  The Price of Civilization


  1. It is always true that someone or something will fall as we ‘rise’. That seems to be the one lesson our species refuses to countenance. In forever scrabbling for the next dollar we consign someone else to living with a dollar less. But the ultimate price has to be paid, and the size of the account is already too large to settle.


    1. I would make three points: firstly, I think apathy stems from an unspoken acceptance that as individuals we are powerless before the profligacy of careless corporations and nations that squander resources on a massive scale.
      Secondly, we fail to address the essential issue – we are too many. Our species is doing exactly what the dinosaurs did, and a lot more rapidly. We could solve most of our problems by simply skipping a generation – but how is that going to happen?
      Thirdly, our tribal logic decrees we cannot act without a trigger, and there is none. Corporate greed knows just how far it can push, governments understand how much they can bleed from their electorates without edging into revolution. We are induced to struggle on and soothed into stoicism. There is understanding of these things. We continue to squeeze nature for a little more and a little more, and nothing is apparently going wrong – but the difference here is that we are dealing with forces we do not understand. Unfortunately, my fear is that when the trigger is finally pulled it will be too late.


    1. No problem, would be great if you could maybe reblog one of mine too, I’m new to this blog and don’t know how to get people to see it! 💁


  2. dont know the answer to this one……I think there are many who feel as you do…..I feel conflicted and move between optimism about future possibilities and disillusion and sadness that we just cant get this together. In the meantime I plant trees, grow vegies, hangout online and try and make as small 0


  3. Your post touches at the heart of the matter. It is up to us as humans to take action on an individual level and also at a bigger level however we continue to ignore and blame and degrade others. The monster we call progress that we have created wants more and more fuel with growing needs. There are so many people who don’t/won’t see even ‘climate change’ though most glaciers could soon be a thing of the past. Are we doomed? If we don’t work together.


  4. Hey Sreejit,

    I just noticed you took down your post about cancelling your youtube site…it was inspiring me man! I’m not gonna bang on a guitar and sing, but the way you warbled out into the universe was raw and I liked it…not pitch-perfect and everything. Maybe SoundCloud is the way to go for now. I’m gonna be heading my site in a mixed media direction soon. When you have the time PM me…I’d like to hear any pointers for how you set yours up – it’s pretty cool.

    p.s. I dig this post…we’ve basically won already except when we grasp or want to “win”


    1. I don’t know how you ended up on this old article. I can hardly remember writing it. I remember the title though. Thanks for appreciating the YouTubes, that’s cool to hear. What kind of mixed media are you thinking about?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YouTube / SoundCloud … I think maybe podcasts. I have to talk to RaRa about what she does too. Your site seems smoothly integrated somehow though…I’m not sure what you’re doing, but I like it. I’m going to get a friend who is website savvy to look at yours.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I know a little bit about widgets…I suspect there are several that would be okay (some probably crappy) on my site. I guess I’ll have to play around with them. It has occurred to me that it may also be your page’s theme that displays your stuff so well. I thought maybe you had a particular bundle or add-on that was blending everything smoothly.


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