Clinging to the Shadows of Truth

We walk this world
in want of a mission
as if injustice
is a poor man’s dance
as the path grows dimmer
from indecision
we search instead
for the lover’s glance.
Participating in
cherry-picked wisdom
not wanting to fail
leaving nothing to chance
though caring not
for the riches or fame
still our pride puffs up
in virtuous rants.
Locked in a
pessimistic sobriety
reality molded
to suit the game
shoulders sloped
just enough to fake piety
our good intentions
always coming up lame.
Creeping through
the worldly variety
of illusions needed
for staying sane
no longer caring
for fact or fiction
but whatever is needed
to keep worth in a name.
Each must decide
their own system of trust
be it science, religion
or the intoxication of wine
or a foundation laced not
in greed or lust
a passing fancy
or a truth sublime.
For what do we fight
and what is our endgame
when lost in a world
without fear of time?
When wisdom alone
can end indecision
but for knowledge we
are unwilling to climb.
We’ll go all out
for diamonds or gold
but lack the drive
for freeing the mind.
Caring not to be greater
than the sum of our parts
philosophy’s mysteries
we have left behind.


  1. We absolutely loved the intensity of this one, Sreejit and the honesty. It’s so true that society, in general, has a lack of passion for truth and understanding and is more willing to fill their pockets or fulfill their own materialistic desires rather than expand their minds. It’s all about priorities, and the world is in a very petty state where we judge others and ourselves by what we wear or how we look rather than keeping our minds open and receptive to what’s around us. Sharing now.


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