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The politician’s smile, so beautiful in its wretchedness, like a “total Monet” it lures us in only to let us down.  Molded in, at least part, by self-interest it is a heavy chisel which defines our fate.  Victimizer, victim, or solution, the role we play may change from day to day, but the question remains the same: what are we willing to pay to ensure our security over that of our sisters and brothers?

The compromises we make define our place in history and our children’s happiness or misery, but we must constantly ask ourselves if we are down with a chase that leaves barren the will of justice, as we blindly go along with pathetic, counterfeit personalities intent on altering our reality to help us sleep, when the truth is our own company we’d never keep if we were face to face with the tragedies we support by embracing a system of greed over need.

Though we are mighty lions we line up like sheep for the slaughter when neglected our relationship to our neighbors’ sons and daughters.  Meditating wholly on the dollar we turn our scholars into fodder working for an arbitrary ideology – do you follow me?  Justice or freedom, it’s like love ‘em and leave ‘em, as we force our way through a world that seeks leadership from thieves.  Deplorable and unstoppable is money’s power underlying every good thing we hold dear.

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It’s high tide on the shores of self-righteousness and there’s bitter confrontation over to whom each life belongs.  Headstrong is their only system to beat the people into submission; whose lies to the cries of passer-byes will engulf the open minded?  Blinded by the darkness, a man-created farce this is, used only to enlarge the self-importance of the self-righteous elite who are unable to conceptualize defeat – seeking only for another hit, getting high off the profit, using caveman logic to make compassion microscopic – wisdom only being used to abuse the weak as we make them think they’ve won in their retreat.

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It only took 3 seasons of 24 for us to no longer believe in a world where torture wasn’t necessary and now drone strikes and assassinations have become common place and accepted – Washington using the Patriot Act, because our intelligence we’ve neglected, as an excuse to allow the NSA to stretch their power like an endless horizon, as it collects the records of anyone that has the audacity to communicate.  What? Good and bad is dictated by their “will” as they lay out the plan for the supremacy of the empire.

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Where have all the liberal heroes gone?  They’re all in the monasteries, Wall Street has replaced the Gospels, stockbrokers the new apostles, CNN the new Sunday school, ego subterfuge is the new Good News.


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  1. Utila just got a new mayor and Honduras a new president. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read the truth of what you write here, and what we should expect from a new mayor on a tiny Caribbean island. I have to think of it as entertainment or the corruption will make me crazy. I’d like to give the former mayor and the new one that clown mask!


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