Dungeon Prompts: Tribute

This week’s prompt is:   Tribute 

The video is fun as I wanted to bring a little bit of joy into the dungeon this week.  The prompt today is to simply think of someone who has inspired you and pay tribute to them.  Whether it’s emotionally, academically, physically or spiritually, no one fully walks this world alone, so with this in mind, recognize someone that, knowingly or not, helped you get to where you are today.

Suggested Prompts:

*Tell us about someone that has been either an inspiration to or involved in your becoming the person that you are today.  Poets and authors tell us about your heroes.  Write something in their style.  Musicians pay homage to your mentors.  Fighters tell us about someone that has been a help to you in your walking the often times difficult path of this life.

*Write a short story, poem, or share a picture or song that pays tribute to someone. 

*Any inspired offering that somehow relates to your heroes.

Dungeon Prompts are meant to open up the abandoned rooms inside ourselves and dust them off a bit.  Explore the recesses of your mind and get back with a poem, story, essay or creative offering.  Link your post to this specific prompt page and I’ll share your link back with our readers.

To participate, all you’ll need to do is:

1.            Tag your post with: “DungeonPrompts”

2.            Link back to this page in the body of your post *

3.            Dive deep within and give us a glimpse of your soul!**


*note: If the pingback doesn’t work, then please leave the link to your post in the comment section.

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10 thoughts on “Dungeon Prompts: Tribute

  1. I do have someone… Hope I find time to dedicate to him this weekend… I’ll busy entertaining my energetic 77 yr old mom… More energy than two of me put together…

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