Defined by rhythm and sway,
the poet’s heart beats
for the power of a word
to change, illuminate,
or define our world.

Brought to deliverance
by a mind confused,
the beauty can morph
into anger, lust, and greed
in a corrupted spirit
who’s lost sight of meaning
but not the power
to change, illuminate
or define.

What makes divine
the power that deserves
the circumspect heart,
where lives a healing
that if rocked to life
through the rhythm
and sway and beauty

of words with purity
of intention, can
change hate to reflection
and endear humanity
to the idea of the
spirit’s protection,

is a determination
that is the poet’s own,
using every opportunity
to embrace two words curled
into a rhythm that sways
meaning into beauty
which can change,
illuminate, or define
our world.


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  1. Your opening stanza captured me. I had trouble reading past it, the impression was so vivid.

    I look forward to your continuing to change, illuminate and define the world.


  2. Subtle, even in minimal light, sway holds, reveals beauty in rhythm’s dance before the walk in colour’s silence. Genuinely like the thoughts the poem evoked at different levels.


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