Lost Moments

You turned your head
to make eye contact
and I feigned ignorance
of the gesture,
as the games we play
show my dedication to
the craft of executing
pride’s measures.

I missed the chance
to let you know
that our lives
intertwined creates
a world in which
I easily forget
the reckless precision
of my state.

I smiled but didn’t
give away the fact
that I’m counting the seconds
in between
the moments that you
choose to acknowledge
a child’s demands
to be seen.

I held your hand
but didn’t take it close
and express the feelings,
though lacking in wisdom,
of the passion inside
that grows and grows
as my breath weakens
in indecision.

I laughed at the joke
of my life next to yours,
as Time itself
feels wasted in knowing
of my need to fit you
into my grasp,
though your heart,
for the world,
beats only.


Written for NaPoWriMo: National Poetry Writing Month

featured photo credit: Sreejit Poole


  1. A sweet tale, beautifully spun-with honest torment, the battlefield of human emotion; love, longing and regret. I am doing the April Poetry Month thing too! Best of luck to you on your 30 days of stanzas and words. It is a worthy quest. 🙂


    1. My only real plan at this moment is to write something every single day of April. I don’t know other writer’s habits really, but I tend to write based on the emotion of the moment, or a dream I had-sometimes inspired by just a tiny thought or an image that comes into view.

      If I plan too far ahead, I over-think things… I think the word I really mean is neurotic. My brain is a strange place. LOL.

      I’ll write in my head when I wake up a lot too-like a narrator was sitting near my bed. Then I go downstairs and start typing away.

      In my long-winded way, I’m “just gonna let it flow”. I don’t think I do anything short-winded. Ha!

      What about you?



      1. I don’t think its cheating. There are a few things I started, some close to finished even-that need some work. I think the idea is to post poetry you created every day. So if you haven’t hit publish on it before, you’re golden 😉


  2. I’m sure you will not run out of things to say… You write beautifully and can probably create a masterpiece out of any little thing that presents itself… Love, Lor


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