A story told
and retold,
in many paths,
by many seekers,
whether we take
the high road
or the low
there’s no escaping
the Dark Night
of the Soul.

No one can
escape the grind
for without it
we can’t awaken.
Like a rich man
can’t understand a poor one
unless he’s spent some time
on the streets,
like white collar
doesn’t appreciate the blues
until he’s walked out
and rolled up his sleeves,
like Jesus was tempted in the desert
or Buddha under his tree,
before enlightenment dawns supreme
we have to fight through
the extremes.

And it may have been nothing
for them to do it
but for you and me,
a little harder,
that’s why it’s such a dark night,
because we don’t want to let go,
we don’t want to lose control,
we don’t want to surrender
to the higher.

And sadly, contentment may
be years or decades away
but the journey we can’t escape.
Though for some it’s just a day,
and for others maybe a week,
many are trapped for years and years
in doubt, illusion and deceit.
But pass through it we must
even if it means
that lifetimes of torment it takes
because only by first knowing and
accepting ourselves
can we discover
a limitless embrace.

It was Saint John of the Cross
that penned the name
that we use for this journey
but told the world over
throughout many cultures
we find a similar story.
Pleasure and pain,
the two sides of the coin,
one without the other could never be,
but going beyond this world
of duality
awaits a consciousness
resting in peace.

They say the dark night
of Mother Teresa
lasted till near the end
of her life,
but her resolve,
strengthened in wisdom,
kept her afloat through
the waves of her plight.
So whatever it takes
to get through the day,
let us remember each
other with kindness,
as we all have to take
a similar journey
crawling out of the
darkness that
blinds us.


For NaPoWriMo: National Poetry Writing Month

featured image via Wikipedia.org


  1. So very truly and beautifully penned, Sreejit. We need to reminded what made our models, mentors, great men and women we look up …they walked the path of darkness as well…that is where they found many trees of knowledge, wisdom along the way…we should never give up…so very wise and true!


  2. Sreejit, I too have walked upon my path of evolution through the dark nights of the soul. But what of those that refuse the way? This poem reminds that even if resistant, that is their lesson in this time and place. Lovely piece.


  3. Nice to see such an epic poem make your blog for For NaPoWriMo: National Poetry Writing Month! So lovely. So right on, brother. Rebirth is tricky. We go through it at different points of our lives…sometimes more than once and every time, it is different. (Sometimes never…for some.)

    It really is so important to be mindful to others-not matter what. You never know your role-or significance-so let it be filled with kindness. To your continued path, Sreejit, may it be lit with the glow of increasing wisdom, but in the dark places along the way, may your inner Light guide you.


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