“You will always be fond of me.  I represent to you all of the sins you have never had the courage to commit.” 

– Oscar Wilde

Photo via Youtube.com
Photo via Youtube.com

“Seven deadly sins
Seven ways to win
Seven holy paths to hell
And your trip begins
Seven downward slopes
Seven bloodied hopes
Seven are your burning fires
Seven your desires”

– Iron Maiden (Smith/Dickinson) from Moonchild



You can see the world forcing you into submission when you no longer have the choice of engaging in the Seven Deadly Sins, such as when:


photo via tvguide.com
photo via tvguide.com

1. Pride is stripped when young gang bangers seeking to intimidate everyone on the streets, don’t even notice you.

2. Greed is pointless – the hustle is over  – when current bad asses shake your hand in the “old fashioned” way.

3. Lust is grounded when you can’t even strut anymore because your feet hurt too much



Photo via Wikimedia.org
Photo via Wikimedia.org

4. Envy is given up as you’re resigned to the shock in young faces that you are indeed still aware of popular music.

5. Wrath is too tiresome when the anger that used to get you through a job now causes you to get choked up and introspective.

6. Sloth is no longer a choice but a way of life as injury-recovery, injury-recovery turns into every new tweak becoming a permanent condition.

7. Gluttony is a terror when you get acid reflux every time you bend over.


May we embrace our age with dignity, understanding when we have to learn new ways of playing the game.


  1. LOL very funny!!

    I could do 7 of my own…a couple decades ahead For example. Loss of pride that no one is surprised anymore when you say you have a grandchild Jagati


  2. And I’m several decades ahead of both of you!!!! I love your post Sreejit. I saw it on my phone at work and thoroughly appreciated the laugh. Thanks for posting on your summer off……

    The loss of pride that comes to me is deciding to wear your hair however you want it because your face is going to be sagging no matter what! (I didn’t wear my hair long for awhile because I thought it would accent the sag.)


  3. I like what you wrote about Wrath. I did a post on the number seven last week (I’m doing a math for dummies series) and I talked briefly about the seven deadly sins, making a joke about the monks who liked the number seven too.


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