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I am a King
without a Kingdom,
in a world
with many masters,
wrapped in the spoils
of a jealous heart,
and my people’s
callous laughter.

Trudging through
a battlefield
of broken dreams
and compromise,
indecision, my
weapon of choice
serves me well
in ‘getting by.’

The chair from which
I rule on high
demands the virtue
of the Gods
and so I keep
well hidden my
that hems and haws.

Still, my name,
although unknown,
swells with the pride
in which it rocks,
as my spine
curves to the pain
of a kingdom
existent in thought.



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20 thoughts on “A King Without A Kingdom

  1. Your opening lines are fantastic – a great hook! Your poem encapsulates the conundrum of those in power – hiding their humanity, which the world so needs to see.

  2. Perhaps in exile humanity would be more useful than this king imagines. God uses human form when necessary and ripe to walk “his” talk–and yet, if we allow the traditions to die we might find something more truthful growing in there stead? Yes. I got all this from your poem. Thanks.

  3. I don’t know the inspiration behind your lines, but you reminded of a 70’s Seals and Croft song that I like “King of Nothing”. If you haven’t heard that, look up the lyrics on google. Thanks, and more power to you.

  4. perhaps the King has a kingdom built without walls, so he may be hidden in plain site…that would be a way to see past all the masks of the world is hiding from…

    Maybe the Kingdom is Nature with the sky for a roof, and a grove of trees for walls that has no doors to close…….
    a Seeker needs no walls to hold their thoughts or spirit within,
    I like this very much, I think the King has a Kingdom that is waiting to be discovered
    Take Care…You Matter…

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