anniversary-1xIt’s been two years of sharing whatever popped into my head.  How did that happen? Informed of my blogiversary, I headed on over to my stat page to see what I could make of the experience.

There I learned that I seem to be suffering from publisher’s remorse, as I have twice as many deleted posts as published ones.  I have just over 200 published posts at the moment but they don’t really reflect the journey of this blog.  Instead they reflect my desire that wherever you might go in the archives, you’ll find a great read.

The first year I wrote almost strictly poetry.  My first six months were spent alternating between love and hate.   (To be more specific either I wrote I love you and then rhymed it with love, or I hate you and then rhymed it with hate.)  Eventually, one of my friends challenged me to step out of my box a little bit and do something crazy like start my poem with an epitaph.  That post would become, Just Write That He Loved Her, one of my personal favorites.

I had 80,000 views in the last two years but only 5 posts had over 1,000 views.  Two of those posts are now deleted so I have no idea what they were.  The other three, in order of popularity, were My Mistress – Do You Know her (catchy title), There Was No Escaping His Father’s Words (Freshly Pressed) and The Making of a Name (which went viral in my Amma Community).

By far the most commented on post was Saying Goodbye to Spam Followers and Hello to the Awesome Readers, which was the post where I declared that I was getting rid of the like button.  Everyone came out on that day to let me know that they were really reading.  It was great.  But don’t click that link because I later relented to the readers, brought back the like button and deleted yet another post. (Yes I deleted my most commented on post!)

The top 10 commenters in the dungeon (and their stats –not including all the deleted posts) are:

Karuna (My Mom) of Living, Learning and Letting Go with 175 comments

Oliana of Traces of the Soul with 130 comments

Lumar1298 of Let There Be Peace on Earth with 58 comments

Lady Silversun of Dream Cloud Diaries with 53 comments

Garden2day with 51 comments

Slpmartin of Read Between the Minds with 45 comments

Weaver Grace with 44 comments

Justine of Eclectic Odds n Sods with 43 comments

Dana of DCTdesigns Creative Canvas with 41 comments

Renxkyoko of Renxkyoko’s Space with 40 comments

But there are many more great contributors.  3,219 comments to be exact.

badge 2The Dungeon Prompts have also been fairly successful.  More than 60 different bloggers have taken part in at least one prompt, and half of them have done more than 10.


I’ve seen a lot of great blogs come and go over the last two years.  It seems that for most people, it is hard to stay fired up for more than a year.  Then the motivation starts to fizzle.  I completed this second year just because I didn’t want to be another one year bust.  I’m not really sure what my motivation will be for the coming year, but I thank all of you for joining me on this journey.  It has been an eye opening experience in so many ways.


Do you have any favorite posts or moments in the dungeon?

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  1. I have no doubt that you will find the motivation you need to continue blogging because you have much to say and share with the world–(that is meant to be a compliment btw 🙂 ). You challenge me to look inward, examine myself, throw out what is not needed in order to grow (except my main blog could use some pruning). I truly thank you. I wish I could get over to read more posts though. I guess I really enjoy your revealing of your personal journey–whether it is through writing, music, or family–the blog becomes alive so to say. Anyway… Congratulations and good luck for another year!

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  2. Many congrats on your blog’s anniversary. Your blog is one of my favorite ones where I can find perfection easily. Every post you wrote was a master piece in it’s own self. My prayers will always be with a great writer and an excellent person like you 🙂

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  3. First and foremost, Happy Blogiversary! I have two comments regarding your entry here. One, you are not alone in your writer’s remorse predicament. Maybe only a third, if that, of my poetry is included in my two blogs. And, admittedly, the book I seem to never finish certainly has more than enough works in it. However, the more I write and, as time passes, the more my perspective evolves, the more critical I become of past work. Consequently, I’m never satisfied with the totality of what I’ve done. Ironically, I do have an appreciation of and respect for the evolution of experience and skill, as well as the preservation of “what was” in the moment of creation, so I have a fundamental issue with modifying or “improving” past writings to bring them up to my current standards. I think it is a shortchanging of one’s complete story due to pride and, ultimately, a limited level of transparency. Even though others love your work, you didn’t deem some of it fit to remain in your blog. We are our own worst critics, and often unjustifiable.

    Next, I’d like to say that I (and I’m sure many others) would be quite affected by your departure, so I pray you find a source of inspiration to continue. While I enjoy many aspects and levels of artistic expression, there are few that I truly admire and gain inspiration from. I am only writing again because of your prompts… three poems in a little over a week, compared to one in seven months. You reposted one of my poems and I’ve been overwhelmed by positive responses… more likes and comments and followers than I could imagine. And my blog has been up over two years. This is what your circle of influence has done. It has brought others to me. It has led me to others. It has rekindled the fire to a great passion of mine that was simply fading away into the background of life’s demands. I’m sure I’m not the only one, I can’t be. So, on this two-year blogiversary of yours, above all else, recognize how impactful and encouraging your presence is. If you ever feel you don’t need this community of writers anymore, please consider how much they may need you. 🙂 continued Blessing…

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  4. Wow congrats two years and still going strong! You have an amazing imagination and way with words so long may you continue and I hope it continues to give you pleasure 🙂 I feel I havnt been around as much but always connected in some way so never gone xx thank you for the journey you have taken me on in the past too!

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  5. Thanks for sharing your review of your blogs past 2 years. Great accomplishments, and congrats on your perseverance as you overcame hurdles to keep your blog alive and growing.

    “twice as many deleted posts as published ones” and “5 posts had over 1,000 views. Two of those posts are now deleted”? I wonder what moved you to delete them.

    I look forward to checking back and making sure that I know all of your top commenters. I’m glad to be one of them 🙂

    I look forward to seeing what’s next here.

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  6. Congratulations on your anniversary. Your post have inspired me. It has been an awesome experience following so far. I hope the future of the relationship between your blog and me, only gets better.

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  7. I love your post….. 80,000 views and so many with 1000 readers. Wow! I can’t even imagine. I love all the comments people made too. I hope that keeps you going with the blog. I will comment again once I’ve compiled a list of the favorites I’m remembering! I am thinking of four at the moment.

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  8. I have been reading your site almost from the I started my own blog. I get a lot of email, including those who have written something new. I tend to delete all but maybe four or five, one of which is yours. I’ve enjoyed your writing and look for more. Congratulations.

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  9. Congrats Sreejit. I guess my standing in the top 10 is proof I like to put my two cents in where I can. However I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I miss the like button. Then again I don’t look like a stalker, I mean huge fan of your writing.

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  10. The Dungeon Prompts are my favorite. You don’t know how many they have helpedme come out of the Writer’s block. And on days when I was pensieve with remorse about something, they have come to rescue & have helped take those inner dialogue to paper – for someone to read & share. 🙂 Thanks for all that Sreejit….Happy Anniversary 🙂


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