Feet are situated
relaxed and raised
as images of fear
float across the screen –
the mind absorbed
in nothing in particular
enjoys the luxury
of simply being able to dream.
Those tainted by desperation
couldn’t imagine
the carelessness which
governs our movements
– the freedoms that we
forsake daily –
as we trade our time
for mental entombments.
But, as we go on
drowning in the pleasure
that we refer to as
our day to day grind,
let the dying,
the hungry,
the war torn
be remembered,
so that conscious clear,
we can continue
pissing away
our lives.


  1. So very true… and even when we put ourselves in service, it really is never enough. We complain about our “troubles” while others pray to have the troubles we have & would be far more grateful and less consuming. If you are not an advocate for something, what a waste you are making of your life… your freedoms.


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