Time was running out. He needed her to commit. He needed her to understand, that the games were over.  He had told so many lies, but he needed her to believe in him now.


Beth looked at Kevin and she just had to smile.  Since he came into her life everything had changed.  She looked into his eyes and knew that she would be willing to go anywhere with him.  But, the way he stammered – the way he tried to make her listen to him – it was beautiful.  She could feel the love in his wavering voice.  She could listen to that voice all day.


Close the deal already.  These young ones take a hundred words to say what could be said in three.


“Beth, please.  Stop smiling.  What I’m telling you is the truth.”

As he scanned the periphery for exits, for strange looking individuals, Kevin was already five steps out of the park.  They were alone, so he knew they still had a chance.


“Kevin,” Beth always tried to soak him up through his name.  They had met only six months ago.  He had come in one night while she was studying at Always Fresh, her Uncle’s café.  You didn’t see many outsiders there.  It was a family place, and business was limited to “friends” of the family.  But Kevin had waltzed in there oblivious, wide-eyed with that dopey smile.  Beth was hooked from the moment he tripped over her feet.


Three words Buddy.  What are you waiting for?  Meredith was old school.  Watching the two young lovers filled her with memories of her own youth.  This is not how we did it.  Three words and everything falls into place, she thought, as she kept busy with her knitting – a small red sweater for nobody in particular.


She thinks this is a game.  Kevin’s heart was breaking in desperation.  How could he tell her that he studied her every movement for months before he ever had the courage to talk to her?  How could he tell her the truth without scaring her away?

“Beth, you don’t know my family.  My family are trouble from the get go – some seriously bad people.  We should just run away together.  We could live anywhere.”  He needed her to understand his love was real.  That he cared more for her than his own blood.


“If you knew my father you wouldn’t say such things,” Beth laughed.  “He’s basically old school mafia.”


Idiot boy.  Close the deal.  Hold her close and get it done.  Meredith’s patience was faltering.  She had an overwhelming urge to show him how it was done.


“That’s what I’m trying to tell you Beth.  I do know your father.”  But then he saw her.  She was sitting casually – the old hag – knitting a sweater.  Kevin knew that it was over and looking at Beth he started to cry.


“Kevin, my love, what is the matter?” She stroked his cheek.  “Of course, I will leave and go anywhere with you.”


Meredith was finished waiting.  She stood up and looked at Kevin, “It takes just three words you stupid boy.”

Smiling at Beth, Meredith said, “Look, it’s over.”  She pulled out her pistol and shot Beth in the chest.

“Seriously boy? Her father killed your mother? How hard is it?”  Seeing his dejected face she added, “don’t worry.  I’ll tell him it was your kill.”




Featured image is Rene Magritte’s, Les Amants [The Lovers] 1928. Oil on canvas, 21 3/8 x 28 7/8″ (54 x 73.4 cm) MoMA, New York



  1. I sure never expected that twist. It is a very creative and well written story. I have a lot of fear about the amount of violence in my neighborhood, city, country and in the world so I was jolted by that aspect of it, but it also reminded me of when I answered that Writing 101 assignment. I love reading the way you are responding to the assignments and comparing them to mine!


    1. When I was in the class and that assignment came, a student said he imagined all the stories were going to be about sappy endings of relationships. I was determined to write one that had a happy but meaningful ending. When I read yours I had the thought that we both avoided writing the kind of story he was dreading, but did it by going to opposite sides of the continuum!

      Liked by 1 person

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