Blessed with
or blatantly choosing
to lose
in the substance
of a world
we’re abusing
we continue to
to sway,
in tune with what
or with who
or because of
a drive
or a reason,
just simple conditioning,
or an inner mission
– writing our own
destiny, each step for
a goal
or a vision,
a simple idea of
success, resting in
or the blessing of
contentment –
more than anything that
can be given
or taken,
what is the intangible
meaning that
is always forsaken
when wrapped
in the stress
of the


I have my own answer.  What is yours?


Written for Dungeon Prompts: Settling for Less

Featured image via


  1. I really enjoyed that song…wish I could hold a tune, let alone play guitar…your poem speaks Sreejit…I read it before listening to the video and I could hear you speak rapidly like a former video you did that I enjoyed…when I am turning in circles is when I seek refuge…as I age I withdraw more to be with me and my sanity.


  2. The song and music and your singing are all exceptionally wonderful! Presentation took me back over 50 years. Nice to know I’m not alone on the confusion thing:)


  3. The poem is so evocative of my reason – that is, there is no reason – it is chaos, but a sleigh ride of infinite enjoyment. Your words seem to carry that motion, that headlong rush: ‘we hardly saw the crossroads, and small attention gave to the landmarks of the journey from the cradle to the grave’. I love life!

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