If it is time then
let it be,
I’m at peace with
who I am,
and was
– the will-be is
without plans –
there is only now,
and it is enough
that I had your eyes,
your touch, your smell,
your words that
came untainted.
If it is time, then
I am ready to go,
for my story need
not be painted,
my future need not
be held in dignity before me
– I am ready to relinquish
the temporary.

I used to be,
but no longer am,
scared of the darkness;
fear has
no impact on truth
and death cares not
for dreams wrapped
in conformity or
the unfinished business
of a special being.

The world preaches
a way of life
that denies
our own wisdom
and promotes the belief
in another’s desires;
as I shield my love
from ambition’s resentment,
freedom caresses
the funeral pyres.

Mortality brings sweetness
to our existence,
as huddled together
in fear
we might learn that
love is not something to
deny or earn,
but the blessing of
a life so dear.



If you knew that your death would be coming tomorrow, of what would be your final thoughts?

Written for Dungeon Prompts: Mortality

Featured image via http://www.gopixpic.com



  1. Great poem, great subject. Death gives purpose to life. It should be accepted and not feared, for dying is the last thing we all do in life and we should not die in fear. I believe I have no fear of death, yet time may yet prove me wrong. Happy New Year. Paul

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  2. I am still pondering this, yet the cotton has slipped out of my mouth in a knee jerk reaction to the title. I believe we are defined by the light, and that the darkness is what tests our grip on the light.


    1. I just read this poem again and find it to be even more powerful than the first time I read it.
      I don’t remember ever seeing the lead picture before. I don’t see pictures on my Android version, so maybe that is where I read the poem the first time. I think the picture is intriguing, and a great fit for the poem.


  3. What would be my final thoughts before death? A good question that I have pondered often. To be unoriginal, and quote a once fellow human being, “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I’m free at last!”

    I hope this is the last time I have to put on this crazy suit called a body and be free to be with the One I most desire to be with.


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