Hiding in the shadows
of my integrity
lies a piece of ignorance
that I nurture with all
of my good intentions;
worshiping at the altar
of conformity, I
breathe life into what
could never be, for dreams
are the wisdom of kings
running free and I am
but a brick in the wall
it would seem.

Photo Credit: Sreejit Poole
Photo Credit: Sreejit Poole











For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed


  1. I have been away from blogging, and I thought you were taking a long break. So glad to find you here.

    I have so many thoughts about the poem, which touches me deep down in my very core. It’s okay to conform and be a brick in the wall if that is what you want to do and be, but you can dream and run free as the wisest of kings, with integrity. Nurturing ignorance? That might be how bricks become part of the wall.


    1. I like your interpretation of your poem much better than what I read into it. That is the thing about poetry. Sometimes, it speaks differently to the reader. I once read that about Robert Frost’s poem: The Road Less Traveled. He had no great life meaning in mind. It was about a hike in the woods.

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  2. I wondered if that poem was for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I’m glad it was. I haven’t even started thinking about that one yet. I like both the poem and the photo! You are so good at creating poems using words with powerful imagery.

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