I’m Not that Blogger…

I’m not that blogger
that’ll be your best friend
that will answer every comment,
loyal until the end.

I’m not that blogger
that will follow you back
(neither on WordPress nor Twitter)
I’m not solid like that.

I won’t sell you my kindness
or ask how you feel;
I won’t be a companion,
that’s not part of the deal.

I’m not following any
12 steps to success;
I won’t send you a text message
and leave you breathless.

I’m not part of the community,
I’m not holding it down,
I won’t post regularly,
or speak of the profound.

I’m not that blogger that will notice
every time you press ‘like’
and be sure to let you know
by ‘liking’ back twice.

I’m a little bit crazy
when it comes to my space,
and so probably will never give you
a warm embrace.

But, one thing I can promise
you will always find
is some crazy ass shit
that will mess with your mind,

and when you are feeling
a little bit down
you can read it and find
someone equally bound

to their likes and dislikes,
emotionally distraught,
untangling the mess
that their ego has wrought.

I’m hoping through letters
my faults will be atoned
when you understand life’s struggles
are not yours alone.


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About the author

I am a King without a Kingdom, in a world with many masters, wrapped in the spoils of a jealous heart, and my people’s callous laughter.


  1. I’m still not having any luck in turning night and day around (after returning from India). Two hours of sleep at a time seems to be my maximum. It was wonderful to get it up and find this poem. I LOVE it!!!! Great job of giving readers information about yourself and the opportunity for a laugh at the same time! Actually and opportunity to laugh at myself as well since I am one of the people that does the multiple “likes”!

  2. It took me a while to figure out all of this too, but I also no longer define my blogging experience by following all who follow me, liking every post and comment, etc. And I even delete blogs from my reader when I realize I never actually read their posts.

  3. Haha… well how do you really feel?! I think anyone who’s followed you for a while recognizes most of this about you. But for you to articulate it is quite entertaining. Such a sassy one you are.

  4. It’s ok… You don’t have to like my stuff… I enjoy coming and reading your crazy stories which are not so crazy after all… Much love and happiness in 2015… 🙂

    1. I’ll be running too now. It’s fantastic! And I’ll spread the word. 🙂

      As to your mood, well, they’re allowed when they’re funny or articulate or both. :). This was both. I hate to break it to you, though… You kinda are some of the bloggers you mention here. Part of the community. Check. Holding it down. Yep. Profound. Yep yep…

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