Precise in its own
intent, without sentiment
or regret, my heart,

with the certainty
of a Rolex marches on
down a road that seems

unnatural, but
only in a, let us say

factual sort of
way. Hold your flow like water
nonsense, it takes the

blood of a chilled like
fine wine sociopath to
lead the monastic

life. So raise your glass
to the brothers and sisters
on the path for they

possess the gall and
determination needed
for bending like grass.


It was interesting to work on this haiku for The Daily Post Writing 201 workshop, because it made me think how we are all trying to mold our creativity and individuality into a way that works for the world. When I set out to write this Haiku, the subject of which was supposed to be water, I first wrote it freely to say whatever I wanted to say, and then I went back and tucked, pushed and molded it into the haiku format.  That is basically the story of our lives, especially as writers and readers and dreamers, artists and see-ers and be-ers, we know what feels right for us and we know what works for living “successfully” in the world.  It is always a fitting in process, and we always have to decide whether it’s worth it or not.

After fitting in people see the format that they’re used to and don’t understand all of the craziness that is going on within.  People often think that living a monastic life is all peace, love and happiness, but that is because all of the spiritual books are written either by mystics or wanna-be mystics.  The truth is that to stay on the path you need a fighter’s mentality, because the world – ego – desires amalgam is always trying to drag you down.

In what ways do people not get you, or preconceive you, because of your dance with the world to “fit in?”


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  1. Great poetry and I’m joining you in 201. Of course I am a complete novice.

    To answer your question I’ve never tried to fit in and have always had a sense of not fitting in and see it sometimes as a blessing sometimes as a curse depending on my frame of mind at the time.

    I agree with you also to lead a spiritual life and where you are must definitely take a fighting mentality. I’m trying to learn mindfulness and said the other day I found it hard the more I was reading and the more complex meditations I am doing. The reply was “it shouldn’t be hard it should be natural” and I have to say I disagree. It’s a natural way but that doesn’t mean it’s easy it takes a lot of willpower and dedication x

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  2. ” we are all trying to mold our creativity and individuality into a way that works for the world. ”

    Unfortunately the world sees visionaries as nut jobs esp the fools thasat still deny all evidence of global warming and such things as evolution .

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  3. Excellent, excellent piece and commentary! You’re already familiar with much of how I am misperceived. However, this work definitely touches on the notion that there is a weakness or passivity engaged that is rooted in lacking strength or “running away” from life’s challenges. It is indeed the opposite. Being in and not of the world; being love and not a victim of man’s interpretation of it; seeking goodness but not looking to judge where it is and isn’t… is indeed a courageous confrontation of life itself. As a very sensitive, loving, caring, nurturing and deeply investing individual; I am often seen as naïve, gullible, fragile, “new” in a sense. This is so off point, though. Yes, my heart is gentle, but also fierce. The passion it takes to live in humility and love can only be driven by a strong, courageous and intense spiritual will. To keep temptation, vengeance, and carnal desires at bay is a daily struggle… and those are just the biggies. There is nothing weak about living in peace. One of my favorite song verses… “I may be weak, but His spirit’s strong in me… My flesh may fail, but my God – He never will…” speaks to the strength that fortifies such a life willing to die so it can live. Knowing who you are and what composes you in a world amongst even “friends” who admonish you for being different than they are because they simply can’t grasp why you don’t think, feel, want and act the way they do… and still maintaining your integrity while accepting and loving those judging you as though chastity and kindness and forgiveness are the evils… I don’t know of a greater strength. Also, my understanding and adaptability to circumstances and people can be seen as an “act’ to some, but really I’m just blessed to be able to relate and empathize in many scenarios. I don’t blame any of them, though. Cynicism and false representation is a global disease.

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  4. I like how you said you wrote it however you wanted it, and then turned it into a haiku format. Very interesting, both in content and form. I’m glad we are taking this course together!

    In regards to your question, I think people generally think I’m consistent and predictable. I also believe they think I walk my talk. I think the the instances where they are most likely to be surprised by something I do or say are due to my introvert nature. I generally don’t say anything unless I’ve thought it out and then the person may have the sense that it came out of the blue. I know you and Chaitanya have felt that way in the past! 🙂

    So my silence may be one way I try to fit in.


  5. Like most of your sings and beautifully. I had to laugh at the “..fine wine sociopath..” 😀 .

    I have to share this…I finally feel at peace. I’m not in harmony with everything that is going on around me but I feel that I have reached that spot where I was supposed to get to. Now, to keep that balance. Thanks for sharing so much of your journey. Take care! 🙂

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