When, as often is the case,
the recognition dawns within of
gifts we are slow to embrace,
we either wilt or win. Whether we

were ready for the game, inspired, or
born for reckless contempt, we find
with shock and awe, that desires often
don’t equal success. Our passions may not

match the seeming reason for
our existence and as an
internal fight ensues over
vision and persistence, clear is only that

we cannot hide from our mission, we
either acknowledged it or run, the
struggle – fully human – pits the mind
against our parts – the sum. And

fate waits to define us by our acceptance
or fighting spirit – some fear it, while others
find that, though lacking in talent,
love and grace would rear it. The struggle

for direction, for writing
what’s still unwritten, has always
been a battle between desire and what fate has


My question for you is would you rather be mediocre at something you love or great at something that, though is uniquely your own, you never wanted? 

Written for Writing 201: Acrostic on trust

Featured image via http://www.abstract.desktopnexus.com


  1. I enjoyed reading .
    It has got message that makes one pause and reflect….

    I do what i love and i love what i do therefore i give my all even if i am not best at it. My love for it keeps me going.

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  2. I love how you challenge yourself to meet different forms. This message is particularly universal, and for me, very personal. I have fought against my gifts all my life, and continue to do so – I long for a perspective that will set it all right, so that I can just be without guilt, self-doubt, and so on. Why do we complicate our lives so?

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  3. that’s a no-brainer i’d rather suck at a passion than excel at a job that i hate.
    Passion is the form of energy that elevates a task into an art and not just art but a masterpiece.Without it the best a skilled artisan can do is to create a copy lacking both originality and soul.Skill and in born talents alone does not create masterpieces, the only vessel that can pour your soul into a piece of work in the lab,on paper,on a canvas or wherever is passion.And the essence of someone’s soul (and authenticity) in work is what we recognize and call masterpieces,the technique that can be a talent is just part of the backdrop.Plus to develop the gift further you also need passion otherwise it lays dormant and soon wilts away.
    Oh if i haven’t said it great poem.

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  4. Aww, we meet again at an Acrostic poetry form…my first encounter with your blog:) I tend to agree if you have a passion for something it does not matter if you are perfect at it…mediocre at what you love or perfect at what you can’t stant. Life is way too short.

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  5. Excellent composition Sreejit with a message that is so close to my own heart. The question you’ve asked is something I’ve been wrestling with for some time now and I still don’t have a clear answer. I know that I need to find happiness is being mediocre. That’s where my journey has halted. I am seeking an acceptance from within me.

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  6. Nice one! Love the form. Inspirational!

    I’d rather be mediocre at something I love. Anytime. I know I will always be happy since I will be doing what I love. Plus, as Aristotle said – We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit. We get better with practice. Like a muscle, the more you use it, condition it, the stronger it gets. I will not always be mediocre at it if i kept at it as long as you are willing to learn, grow and adapt.

    I find, from experience, doing what I excel at is great for a while. Knowing that no one else can match your skill gives you a thrill. Boosts your ego. But like all thrills, it is fleeting, and then you are stuck in a cycle you wish you could break out off. You hate everything and everyone. It is toxic.

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  7. wow. The short poem (with the red letters) is incredible just on its own. and the longer one is just as inspirational. super impressive. and i really like the deeper meaning there, btw. it’s a message i’ll read a few times to let it sink into my heart. well done.

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