You found in me purpose, and I found in you glory
while forgetting commitment was only half of the story
and as time continued to whittle away at our moments
there would be no forgiveness there would be no atonement.

You dragged me out of contentment and threw me into the fire
and I never imagined the notes you’d inspire
for me to sing, for me to grow into a man
that could live for a duty and needed no plan.

The many ways you’ve used to crack away at my shell
others might look at and compare it to hell,
but there is no one that could replace what you’ve given
for you are the muse that inspired the mission.

So let me keep walking, no road map is needed,
for I’ll follow your voice to where the prophets preceded
and together we might still find a moment or two
when the world folds back into just me and just you.


Written for Writing 201: Fog, Elegy, Metaphor


  1. Oh this is beautiful! Since my expertise of the elegy is like 30 minutes old, I cannot give you intelligent feedback on that. But, I can say it had beautiful rhythm and romance. I really really enjoyed this! Well done.


  2. Oh goodness, everyone is coming up with such beautiful elegies. I adored this, especially the last verse – “no road map is needed / where prophets preceded” was absolutely lovely. Bookmarked and saved.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I feel like i am always seeing in to the innermost depths of your mind and life, it’s always a walking journey, feeling like one gets to know you a bit more, thank you, a great poem x I don’t understand what an elegy is in format x


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