Before me opens
a road defined
which leads to
heavenly dreams,

yet foolishness
becomes me for
I’d rather drown
in troubled waters –

barter with the sons
and daughters of
those free to be
night crawlers.

For pain it seems
we love more than
an assured path
to freedom,

and blind I pretend
as if I am, so
I can play amongst
the heathens.


Written for Poets United: Foolishness


  1. Habits are very hard to break! Your poem captures the habit of worldliness quite well. The rhymes and rhythms of your poem are catchy too, underlying the appeal of foolishness. Thank you.

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  2. This is one powerful poem……!! These lines reflect great wisdom & courage:

    and blind I pretend
    as if I am, so
    I can play amongst
    the heathens.

    Sometimes in order to survive in this cruel world we feign foolishness…
    Loved your work 🙂

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  3. Sreejit, it is wonderful to see you here today! I resonate with your poem…..especially your opening lines. How clear the path, yet how often we turn off into byways of pain. I have done it a kazillion times. Your poem is a beacon of hope.

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  4. Lovely poem in which wisdom takes the back seat. But that’s ok. I think sometimes being foolish is how we learn and hopefully our path leads us to some balance.


  5. Sreejit, so good to see you. It has been a while, and you have been missed. I am still thinking about the idea of playing among the heathens…….


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